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5 VOILÀ Songs Your Playlist Needs

5 VOILÀ Songs Your Playlist Needs

We think it’s about time we introduce you to one of the latest bands we just can’t get enough of lately: VOILÀ. No, we’re not saying VOILÀ as our big reveal, that’s actually the band. This pop/rock duo not only writes their own songs, but they also produce their own music. We stan kings who do it all on their own! Intrigued? Dive into these five songs!

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‘Chanel No. 5‘

This is definitely one of those songs that we just have to blast from our speakers and sing along as we drive, it’s just that good. Most of us have experienced heartbreak, but this song is about that special someone who comes along and distracts you, taking that pain away and making you happy again. It’s safe to say that much like VOILÀ, ‘Chanel No. 5’ is clouding our minds.

‘Hundredth Second Chance’

We’ve heard an endless amount of songs where the singer begs for a second chance, but in ‘Hundredth Second Chance,’ VOILÀ are the ones giving that one last chance. This upbeat song showcases that struggle between being done with someone, but not quite wanting to see them go at the same time. It’s just so relatable, everyone had been on one side of this situation. Just go ahead and add this one to all of your playlists, you can thank us later.

‘Imaginary Friends‘ Ft. Hey Violet

This song has quickly become a favorite here at THP. Come on, a collab between VOILÀ and Hey Violet? It’s honestly a dream come true! We’re totally dancing around our living rooms screaming this song at the top of our lungs with our besties, and we think you should too. We do realize this song is about having fake friends, and only being able to trust the ones you create in your head, which sounds quite sad, but the sound is just so upbeat and fun.

‘Nothing – Stripped’

This song slows things down a bit, and it’s perfect for that sad breakup playlist. ‘Nothing’ was so beautifully written. From “dandelions look pretty in the breeze, but in the end, a weed is still a weed” to “let’s just be nothing, ’cause nothing lasts forever,” we absolutely love the lyrics to this song. VOILÀ put so much emotion into ‘Nothing’ and we’d love to hear a non-stripped version.


It’s no secret we love a good angry breakup song here, and that’s exactly what ‘Therapy’ is. The song starts off a bit slow, but quickly picks up the tempo and adds in some amazing guitar riffs. ‘Therapy’ will be stuck in your head all day and it’ll work perfectly beside Olivia Rodrigo‘s ‘good 4 u’ on your playlist.

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So, are you already a fan of VOILÀ? If so, which of their songs is your favorite? If you haven’t heard them before which of these songs are you most excited to check out? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more content!

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