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Our Favorite Tracks From Keshi’s Debut Album Gabriel

Our Favorite Tracks From Keshi’s Debut Album Gabriel

Ladies and gents, the wait is over! Multi-talented artist Keshi has released his highly anticipated debut studio album Gabriel. The R&B artist has risen to international recognition for his candid lyrics and infectious beats. Keshi also appeared in Marvel’s Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings soundtrack with ‘War With Heaven.’

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In Gabriel, Keshi gets more candid about his experience transitioning to a more public life following his success. Musically, the album shows the musical nuance and versatility that Keshi is known for. In addition to the release of Gabriel, the singer-songwriter is getting ready to hit the road this month for his sold-out HELL/HEAVEN Tour, kicking off in the UK before touring the states.

To celebrate Keshi’s debut studio album, here are our top tracks from Gabriel!


Gabriel’s opening track starts the album with a bang! The song starts with a dialogue from Keshi’s dad relating to greed and materialism, saying, “Gabriel, this could be all that you desire, don’t be afraid to want it all, there’s not enough time to….” Following the dialogue, the song goes into a hip-hop-inspired beat for the chorus before incorporating a soft guitar riff and piano melody. ‘Get It’ talks about materialism and greed—a theme that Keshi has never sang about—with lyrics like, “cause I got everything I ever needed/ Got my money (check), lady (check)/ Rollie (check), mary (check).”


In ‘Westside,’ Keshi shows that he is more comfortable showing all his sides. The lyrics are laced with vulnerability talking about the future with lyrics like, “All you do is talk about it/ The dream or what you call it/ Is it everything you wanted?” The vulnerable track also contains elements from Keshi’s past music, incorporating his famous falsettos. The singer bares his soul in this track and doesn’t leave anything out.


The seventh track on Gabriel hones in on the reality of Keshi’s newfound rise to popularity. The artist sings about how great it is to have people support his music and have risen to international recognition. But, at the same time, he sings about the downsides of being an internationally known artist, like having less privacy. Keshi gives fans a glimpse at the process of coming to terms and understanding his fame.


Compared to the rest of the album, ‘Understand’ is the most mellow and intimate of the twelve tracks. The track has a sweet yet straightforward guitar melody that allows Keshi’s voice and emotions to stand out. Moreover, ‘Understand’ is an ode to the singer’s relationship with his fiancé Mai. The sweet lyrics like, “So I guess that it’s time/ I asked you to be mine for all of my days/ I hope you stay,” demonstrate the immense love Keshi has for his partner.


The last and title track of the album is a beautiful hym-inspired track with a simple yet powerful piano melody. The song serves as an ode to Keshi’s parents as he watches them grow old, singing lyrics like “I don’t want you to go/ Know that I’ll miss you so.” In addition, ‘Gabriel’ is the perfect song to close out a personal collection of songs and wraps up Keshi’s thoughts on his life.

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If you’re anything like us, we’ll be listening to Gabriel on repeat! Make sure to catch Keshi on his HELL/HEAVEN Tour, which kicks off this month.

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