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PURPLE KISS Are On The Top Of Our Playlist Again With ‘memeM’

PURPLE KISS Are On The Top Of Our Playlist Again With ‘memeM’

Purple Kiss made us fall in love with them all throughout 2021 with their insane debut, ‘Ponzona,’ and their iconic first comeback, ‘Zombie‘ – now they’re back with ‘memeM,’ and it’s everything we love about them. Along with it, they released their third mini-album of the same name. And yes, all the songs are on loop already because, well, it’s Purple Kiss and they really never miss.

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The title track: ‘memeM’

‘memeM’ is quite a complex song, and it really is different to any other Purple Kiss release. This dark song takes influence from so many different genres, and it creates something truly special and unique. It’s a ride for sure, but it feels so natural and so intriguing at the same time. It’s something that not many others could do, but Purple Kiss pull it off so perfectly. The kind of EDM drop is followed by a beautiful pop melody that feels so satisfying to hear. The last chorus is absolutely explosive and a big highlight of the song. However, if there’s only one thing to highlight about ‘memeM’ is the bridge. We already knew Purple Kiss had amazing vocalists, but this is absolutely incredible. And to be fair, the vocals are top tier throughout the entire song. But that bridge. That’s how you make a bridge.

The music video for ‘memeM’ is of course just as memorable. It gives off that obscure and intriguing vibe as well, with the different settings. The styling is absolutely gorgeous and the choreography is killer as always. Purple Kiss literally never miss in anything they ever do. Great singers, great rappers, great performers, and the list goes on. And the b-sides are just as good.

The Third Mini-album: memeM

Purple Kiss’ third mini-album opens us with ‘Intro : Illusion,’ a one-minute long song with an addictive beat that lures you in. It might just be one minute, but the way they built it – it really feels like so much more than an intro.

The first b-side is ‘Oh My Gosh,’ a brighter song than the title track that overflows with confidence. And the way they say “oh my gosh” in the chorus is so addictive and satisfying. ‘Pretty Psycho’ is by far one of the most memorable b-sides in memeM and Purple Kiss’ entire discography. It sets itself apart with that disco influence and late 90s, early 2000, feeling, yet with a very modern touch. It is like the K-Pop banger for a club as the song is all about being confident in one’s weirdness and uniqueness. ‘Hate me, hurt me, love me,’ contrary to what you might think from the title, is a very upbeat bright pop song. It navigates the complexity of a relationship, but with a lot of optimism. It really is such a feel-good and fun song.

Meanwhile, ‘JOAH’ and ‘Cursor’ are both chiller songs that create a perfect balance in this entire release. The fifth track in the mini-album, ‘JOAH,’ is a soft stripped-back pop song with some jazz influence that really shows the more delicate side of their incredible vocals. On the other hand, ‘Cursor,’ the closing track, is a quite sad ballad with an absolutely incredible melody that touches on the topic of loneliness. The melodic drop makes the song all the more emotional and heartbreaking, and the way it builds up is simply perfect.

As always, some of the members, Chaein, Go Eun and Yuki, participated in both the writing and composing of some of these songs. A year after their debut, Purple Kiss yet again position themselves as one of the most interesting and promising girl groups out there. The diversity in their music, their overflowing talent, and their entire energy make Purple Kiss so unique. And with memeM, they’ve released yet again a perfect EP.

So what are you waiting for to stan Purple Kiss?

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Image source: RBW Entertainment

Is ‘memeM’ your favorite title track by Purple Kiss? What’s your favorite song in their third mini-album? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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