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We’re ‘Glitching Out’ Over NCT DREAM’s New Album, GLITCH MODE

We’re ‘Glitching Out’ Over NCT DREAM’s New Album, GLITCH MODE

NCT album Glitch Mode

NCTzens, gather around! It’s time to discuss NCT Dream’s new album: Glitch Mode. First, we’ll give you a minute to properly fangirl/scream over how good this album is. Go ahead, it’s okay. Alright, now back to business.

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First, we have some good news. Glitch Mode had over 2.03 million pre-orders, which sets a new record for NCT Dream! Don’t think we forgot! We gave you the link a few weeks ago, so we know you’re a part of this. We’d like to congratulate NCT Dream on this amazing achievement, which couldn’t have happened without you, NCTzens. Pat yourselves on the back! Now let’s dive into Glitch Mode.

Scratch That, Bring It Back: The Glitch Mode MV

Okay first off: how cool is this music video? NCT Dream performs ‘Glitch Mode’ in two locations: The Glitch Game Store and The Dream Lab. The song itself is about “freezing up” around the person that they like, almost like they’re glitching. They portray this concept in the music video when we see Mark and Renjun seemingly texting someone, but freezing or glitching before they have a chance to respond (oh no)! Tech-related terms are sprinkled throughout the song, describing their feelings for their crush, which is pretty clever.

One thing we have to point out is the “glitch” part of the choreography, where they freeze in their respective places and they go to move but they end up glitching like in a videogame. We also get a fun dance break after Haechan’s flawless high note and when the Glitch Game Store completely freezes over! The music switches up from a hip-hop, dance bop to rock as we hear electric guitars replace 808s and Jeno chants, “Light speed bass drop, robot blast start off.” Jaemin comes in after and repeats the “Light speed bass drop,” but ends with the first line of the chorus, “Scratch that, bring it back,” and we are back to the Dream Lab for the final chorus.

Overall, the music video is vivid, colorful, and fun. Of course, the song is addictive and makes us want to dance (or glitch) with them. The vocals were out of this world, and the rap verses did not disappoint. Plus, everyone looked fabulous, right? NCT Dream has done it again, everyone.

new album glitch mode
GIF Source: Tenor

System Processing: The Side Tracks

Don’t worry, we listened to the entire album. Let’s break down how truly amazing and versatile this album is.

First, we start with ‘Fire Alarm,’ which brings the heat right off the bat with a quick tempo and a fire alarm motif disguised in the melody. After ‘Glitch Mode’ comes ‘Arcade’, which Grammy-winning producer Dem Jointz took part in creating. ‘Arcade’ is a fun song with a trap beat behind it, and the lyrics seem to be a call-out to the haters. Next comes ‘It’s Yours,’ which is sonically lighter than the three previous tracks. This sets the mood for the romantic lyrics that NCT Dream serenades us with *swoon*.

The fifth track, ‘Teddy Bear,’ slows it down and switches it up to a dreamy R&B track with softer vocals. In the middle of the album sits the groovy ‘Replay’ that’s sure to get your head bopping to it. We get the trademark SM stacked harmonies in the chorus, which never fails to satisfy. The seventh track, ‘Saturday Drip,’ picks the tempo back up with only four members now: Mark, Jeno, Jaemin, and Jisung. These four rap over a catchy beat with electronic instrumentation and snaps, and we’re sure it’ll be stuck in your head.

For the eighth track, put on your disco pants! We’re going back in time as ‘Better Than Gold’ has a retro, 70s feel that’s sure to get you dancing no matter where you are. After that comes ‘Drive,’ the perfect song for a late-night drive. We get to hear instruments like the piano, guitar, and tambourine accompany NCT Dream’s vocals and rapping (with the occasional car alarm chirp). The penultimate song is ‘Never Goodbye,’ a sweet, mid-tempo song whose melodies sound like stars twinkling. Lastly, we have ‘Rewind,’ which is the perfect song to close out the album. The lively electronic organ playing makes you forget that it’s the last song on the album!

Overall, this album is a masterpiece! NCT Dream ate and left no crumbs.

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Data Save Complete

We hope you enjoyed the album as much as we did! We’ll definitely be having it on repeat here at The Honey POP. But wait, don’t go! We have some more news for you!

To mark NCT Dream’s glorious return, they will be holding a special event on their YouTube channel on March 30th at 7 PM KST. They’ll showcase a performance video of ‘Glitch Mode’, which they will show at their online concert, DREAM STAGE: GLITCH MODE as well. Bonus: the Dreamies will discuss the album and play some games too! Moreover, NCT Dream will host a special pop-up store: GLITCH MODE ARCADE CENTER POP-UP STORE in Seoul. From April 1st to May 29th, you’ll get to check out some merch, take photos and even play some dope 8-bit games inspired by the album concept art. You don’t want to miss it!

Congratulations, you completed the game! Now that the data save is complete, come chat with us about the album! Tell us what your favorite tracks were, or what your favorite part of the music video was. We’ve made sure nothing is glitchy here on our end, so you can find us on Twitter, @TheHoneyPop, Instagram, or Facebook. Finally, don’t forget to tune in to the special event on March 30th at 7 PM KST and NCT Dream’s online concert! Until next time, thanks for playing!


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