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BOOK REVIEW: Would You Rather By Allison Ashley Is The Sweetest Summer Read

BOOK REVIEW: Would You Rather By Allison Ashley Is The Sweetest Summer Read

Hey there book-bees! Ready to fall in love with a new book? Forget enemies to lovers, we’re all about friends to lovers, and boy did this one deliver! Would You Rather by Allison Ashley has it all. Marriage of convenience, only one bed 👀, childhood friends to lovers, and so much cuteness! Would You Rather is the perfect feel-good romance and you need it on your TBR asap!

Summary: When chronically ill Mia gets the opportunity to pursue her dream degree, her best friend, Noah, offers to marry her – in name only, of course – so she can quit her dead-end job without losing the medical insurance she needs to manage her condition. It’s a risk for both of them–it’s technically fraud, after all–but it also feels somehow…right. Because Noah’s always been completely in love with Mia. Now he has two years to convince her that they belong together.

Content Warnings: This book discusses chronic illness and family death.

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Where do we start with this book? Noah and Mia have such amazingly adorable chemistry. They grew up as neighbors and have known each other their whole lives. They’re best friends…. or maybe more than BFFs 😏. When Mia gets the opportunity to go back to school to pursue her dream job after being diagnosed with rare kidney disease, she agrees to marry Noah in order to keep her health insurance to cover her treatments. And besties, sparks are flying all over this book!

Allison Ashley does a fantastic job of making this book super adorable and lighthearted, and she also manages to tackle some pretty important topics in this book. She talks about letting people into your life, discusses grief, living with chronic illness, and even more. This book is so raw and open but balanced so nicely with the carefree, lighthearted romance and banter. It’s just- it’s so good, and we’re in love.

All the characters in this book are so relatable and lovable. We love Mia and Noah, but let’s be real, we need a book from Mia’s best friends Claire’s point of view. And we love the adorable couple who own Wings To Go, Mia’s favorite restaurant, and we meet Natasha and Barbara, the nurse and a patient at the infusion center Mia goes to for her kidney treatments.

Would You Rather is the perfect book for when you want to relax and laugh but also want to feel a little pain. We enjoyed it so much, and we think you will too!

Would You Rather by Allison Ashley is out on August 23, 2022, and you can pre-order it here!

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