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New Music Weekly: Brynn Elliott and More!

New Music Weekly: Brynn Elliott and More!

We are back! This week’s New Music Weekly is jam-packed full of some of our favorites like Arctic Lake and Brynn Elliott, as well as some new faces like Neave Marr! Let’s jump right in!

Neave Marr – ‘Broken Girl’

‘Broken Girl’ so clearly paints a picture of what toxic partners do to every future relationship you have. They start a cycle of self-doubt that is extremely hard to end, and Neave Marr gets it. Any artist who can convey an exact situation this well deserves their place in this crazy industry.

Stream ‘Broken Girl’ here!

Arctic Lake – side by side we lie awake

Arctic Lake has released an entire ep to bless our ears; everyone say thank you! side to side we lie awake is made up of five brilliant tracks, including the title track and ‘Love You Like That,’ which is our personal favorite. This duo provides the craziest vocals that instantly put us in the most ethereal place.

Stream side by side we lie awake here!

Britt Lari – ‘Wild’

If a track can nail the genre of electro-pop, there is a one hundred percent chance we’re going to love it, and ‘Wild’ did just that. We are immediately adding this Britt Lari track to our summer playlists. We can’t stop dancing around our rooms as though we are at a club.

Stream ‘Wild’ here!

Talkless – ‘Mind Games’

Blending pop-punk and acoustic seamlessly is something Talkless has perfected in ‘Mind Games.’ Any song that can resonate with the parts of our brain that suffer the most after leaving a toxic situation will stay on repeat.

Stream ‘Mind Games’ here!

Alexa Villa – ‘Not Your Fool’

A post-breakup anthem? Count us in! We are completely here for the hairbrush song of it all, the song you can scream the lyrics to and feel like they were ripped right from your venting texts to your best friends. Alexa Villa has officially earned a permanent place on our playlists.

I wrote this song months after my very toxic long term relationship ended, once the fog cleared and I was able to see that I should have left sooner

Alexa Villa on ‘Not Your Fool’

Stream ‘Not Your Fool’ here!

Brynn Elliott – ‘Beautiful Things’

Brynn Elliott is no stranger to New Music Weekly; we love her! Her way with words and ability to be the most vulnerable version of herself in her music blows our minds. She has this soft yet powerful voice that commands the attention of all listening. ‘Beautiful Things’ is a perfect example of all the things we love about Brynn Elliott.

Stream ‘Beautiful Things’ here!

BoyWithUke – ‘IDGAF’ ft. blackbear

In his second release of 2022, BoyWithUke released ‘IDGAF’ with one of our absolute favorites in the industry, blackbear. We are getting all the ‘IDFC’ early blackbear vibes from this track, and we are fully here for it!

Stream ‘IDGAF’ here!

Mabel, Jax Jones, and Galantis – ‘Good Luck’

When you get three key players like these three on a track, there is no going wrong. It’s a recipe for success. ‘Good Luck’ is about to be on a constant loop as we kick off the spring/summer months; it’s a certified bop. We need a whole album of club songs from this trio.

Stream ‘Good Luck’ here!

Zoe Wees – ‘Lonely’

Zoe Wees has made the ultimate track to get in our feelings while listening to. ‘Lonely’ is a song we can all put on and instantly relate to. Have we found the new song we can scream the lyrics and cry to, everyone say thank you, Zoe Wees.

Stream ‘Lonely’ here!

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Norah Jones – ‘Spring Really Can Hang You Up The Most’

Twenty years after Come Away With Me was released, we are getting a super-deluxe version of the classic record! Our favorite addition has to be this new version of ‘Spring Really Can Hang You Up The Most.’ Norah Jones is an icon, and this release just further proves our point. We are here for artists revisiting previous work!

Stream ‘Spring Really Can Hang You Up The Most’ here!

Jake Scott – ‘Texas Girl’

Pop meets country, but with an emphasis on pop?! Count us in! Jake Scott is the moment! 2022 is already shaping up to be his year, and after hearing ‘Texas Girl,’ you guys are going to immediately jump on board! Turn this track up and scream the words right along with us!

Stream ‘Texas Girl’ here!

Olivia Rox – ‘Been This Way B4’

The music video for ‘Been This Way B4’ is straight out of our ‘born in the wrong era’ mindset. This diner has been the set of so many iconic music videos, and now we can add Olivia Rox to that list of talent to have shot there. One Direction and Cee Lo Green aren’t bad company to be in.

Stream ‘Been This Way B4’ here!

Sam Tompkins – Who Do You Pray To

We’ve got an entire Sam Tompkins EP to geek out over! The EP features seven tracks and is front-to-back perfection, from ‘My Brother’ to our favorite track on the record, ‘In My Life.’ Sam Tompkins is a national treasure, and we stand by that.

Stream Who Do You Pray To here!

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track from this week’s New Music Weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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