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Throw The Ultimate Party With These 8 New Music Collabs

Throw The Ultimate Party With These 8 New Music Collabs

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At The Honey POP, we never get tired of listening to new music, discovering up-and-coming artists, and rooting for massive music collaborations among our favorite artists. This week, musical surprises blew our minds as they filled our musical palette with so many new, varied, and exciting offerings that have us overjoyed.

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Whether you’re curating a playlist for your upcoming spring/summer party or planning to jam on to these songs at music festivals, we’re sure that these infectious, vibrant collaborations will do wonders for your playlist and get you grooving immediately. From Martin Garrix, Zedd, Cardi B, SZA, Summer Walker, Wiz Khalifa, Sebastián Yatra, John Legend, and many more, everyone is serving us with outstanding music, giving us plenty of fun.

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We bet these collaborations will make a fabulous addition to your playlist and get you grooving instantly. It is a fact that we haven’t stopped listening to them since their release. So keep reading and check out these songs to see what the fuss is all about.

‘Follow’- Martin Garrix And Zedd

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The long-awaited music collaboration between two mega-hit EDM stars, Martin Garrix and Zedd, has finally arrived. This new single, ‘Follow,’ is a fantastic club banger with contagious and flawless vigor, thus making it a spirited, lively addition to your summer playlist or rocking EDM festivals this year. This collaboration has been on the cards for a long time, and it has proven to be well worth the wait and far exceeded our expectations.

The song adorns pounding beats and foot-tapping rhythms combined with lush, sultry vocals by Emily Warren that will have you grooving instantly. As one of the youngest and most accomplished DJs and record producers, Martin Garrix is a master of the EDM-pop scene. Meanwhile, Zedd is a GRAMMY-award-winning singer, DJ, and record producer known for his fearless approach to experimentation and creativity, transcending genres, and smashing records.

With a slew of awards and billions of streams under their belts, these two megastars continue to shine and feed us well with a string of enthralling anthemic dance tracks, eternally living massive collaborations, record-breaking tours, and music festivals.

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‘Follow’ is available to stream across all DSPs worldwide. Listen here!

‘Tacones Rojos’ – Sebastián Yatra And John Legend

John Legend and Sebastián Yatra unveiled a powerful and sweet bilingual rendition of the smash hit ‘Tacones Rojos.’ The song exudes a bright, summery feeling and infuses and enlightens your life with sunshine, love, radiance, and contentment. It is a love song that features on his enchanting and megahit album, Dharma, and loosely translates to “Red High Heels.”

[apple_music_ad artist=”Sebástian Yatra and John Legend” song=”Tacones Rojos”]

Image Source: Artwork by Erick Fernando Quezada

Sebastián sings of a woman he admires, cherishes, and has fallen in love with so passionately that she has become the center of his universe. It is an impressive, ear-catching, and profound music collaboration. It offers a more sophisticated take on the original hit with a modern edge that seems brand new. Thanks to the legendary John Legend, who has woven his mellifluous, lush vocals and soothing melodies into a beautiful song, this track is eliciting all of our emotions.

‘Tacones Rojos’ is available to stream across all DSPs worldwide. Listen here!

‘Good Morning Gorgeous’ – Mary J. Blige Ft. H.E.R.

[apple_music_ad artist=”Mary J Blige and H.E.R” song=”Good Morning Gorgeous”]

Award-winning artist and producer Mary J. Blige has released a remix version of the acclaimed title track from her latest album, Good Morning Gorgeous, featuring H.E.R.

Fans and influencers are raving about the track, and it is peaking on the R&B charts, adding to its monstrous popularity. Anthemic, the song combines Mary’s enchanting vocals with her natural grace, rubbing shoulders with H.E.R’s inherent appeal, truthfulness, perseverance, and essence, helmed by lush guitar strums and piano chord progression.

Image Source: 300 Entertainment and Mary Jane Productions

The song lives up to its title and embodies the spirit of self-empowerment and self-love, exuding dynamic and robust energy and lively production without sacrificing its essence. The song feels like a magical medicine suited to those seeking healing and strength while struggling with mental health issues, low self-esteem, and not being able to love themselves. We are so stoked and overjoyed to be jamming with the new track, and we hope you will be as well.

Stream and purchase ‘Good Morning Gorgeous’ across all DSPs here!

‘In My Head’ – 24kGoldn And Travis Barker

[apple_music_ad artist=”24kGldn and Travis Barker” song=”In My Head”]

‘In My Head’ is the latest music collaboration by 24kGoldn and Travis Barker that completely blew our minds. The song revolves around the singer’s situation after his breakup, as he sees his ex-lover everywhere, texts her drunk, and feels heartbroken. Despite the deep, sentimental lyrics, it is exquisitely catchy and leaves quite an impression.

In the accompanying music video, Goldn traverses the open road and seems like his ex is never far from his mind as he sees her flashes everywhere.

Aside from their incredible vocals, the song boasts infectious melodies, poignant lyrics, and compelling art and editing that push it over the top. It’s an earworm that will have you hooked instantly to the beat, and you’ll be bopping along convulsively.

Listen here!

‘Only You’ – Alesso And Sentinel

With his extensive music collaborations with massive artists, Alesso has proven his impressive influence transcends boundaries and spans countless genres in the realm of dance music. Alesso paired up with Sentinel for his most recent smash hit, ‘Only You,’ and it thrilled us beyond our imagination that we are still feeling ecstatic jamming the song.

[apple_music_ad artist=”Alesso and Sentinel” song=”Only You”]

Image Source: Alesso for ‘Only You’ via Instagram

“We know it’s over but it’s alright / We’ll keep dancin’ in these bright lights.”

Alesso showcases his musical versatility and creativity with this song, featuring an array of genres and styles, blending seamlessly and creating an infectious and vibrant atmosphere. The single exudes catapulting anthemic energy, elevated to another level by plush, velvety vocals and powerful melodies, intertwining all emotions and desires.

It stems from personal experience while serving a universal notion to encourage listeners to live in the moment, act more spontaneously, and accept that not everything stays the same forever. They come for a season and then leave with a lesson. So remember, YOLO!

Listen to ‘Only You’ here!

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‘How The Story Goes’ – Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA, And Girl Talk

Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA, and Girl Talk released their new single, ‘How The Story Goes,’ from their forthcoming collaborative album. The single shines with the trio’s warm, soaring vocals, glistening with the piano arrangement, accentuated by a high-spirited, roaring bass, massive percussion with a sprinkle of rhythms, and a delicate backdrop.

[apple_music_ad artist=”Wiz Khalifa” song=”How The Story Goes”]

Image Source: Asylum/ Taylor Gang Entertainment

‘How The Story Goes’ offers a glimpse and gives us a taste of the tone and concept of the forthcoming album. In this unique synthesis of their best pieces, they have effortlessly merged the most outstanding skills they have honed after years of mastery to sculpt a diverse yet cohesive project.

The album should almost certainly live up to the single and our high hopes, and we are eagerly awaiting its release.

Stream ‘How The Story Goes’ here!

‘No Love’ – Summer Walker and SZA feat. Cardi B

The reigning queens of the music industry, Summer Walker, SZA, and Cardi B, have released a new extended version of the smash hit ‘No Love,’ and it is one of the most exciting musical pairings we have heard recently. ‘No Love (Extended Version)’ accompanies a brand new music video featuring all three gorgeous women that have been causing a stir on the internet.

[apple_music_ad artist=”Summer Walker and Sza” song=”No Love (Extended Version)”]

Image Source: LVRN/Interscope Records – UMG

The video depicts sultriness and appears so seductive, dreamy, and magical that it transports viewers to a fantasy world with a dazzling, hypnotizing aura. It unfolds with the three ladies aspiring to embody their respective zodiac signs and manifests an intricate sophistication and sultriness that perfectly complements the empowering lyrics and essence of the single.

The original version already dominated the charts upon its debut, so obviously, our hopes skyrocketed with the extended version. But we do not doubt it, as these three top female divas have joined hands and unveiled a summer anthem that will amp up the heat and take center stage for a long time.

Adding this infectious single to your summer playlist is a surefire way to get your groove on. Listen to ‘No Love’ (extended version) here!

Are you impressed by these new music collaborations? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a favorite lyric from it? Comment down below or tweet to us at @TheHoneyPop!

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