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5SOS Take Us Into An Introspective Dream With ‘Take My Hand’

5SOS Take Us Into An Introspective Dream With ‘Take My Hand’


Late nights with the windows down screaming the lyrics, crying to ourselves for a pep talk, or chanting the words back to 5 Seconds of Summer themselves on stage, the rhythmic dream-like track,’Take My Hand’ is fitting for either of these scenarios. BRB while we do all three at once. This single is released just in time for their worldwide tour that starts in Dublin, Ireland, on Sunday, with the same namesake as their newest single. We can only pray to the music deities that they play this live, and we can only imagine how god-like it will sound.

Lyricism and musicality shine through in ‘Take My Hand.’ Putting us in a trance from the first note and transcending into an ethereal realm with the first word that leaves Luke Hemmings’ mouth. No, we are not okay.

And it wouldn’t be a 5SOS track without Ashton Irwin’s mesmerizing rhythm on the drums, furthering our journey into the new single that just takes you over. Add in the band’s flawless harmonies, and you honestly couldn’t tell the difference from an angelic choir.

Through the stories told by their lyrics, the band really gives us an inside look at precious moments and feelings throughout their lives. With lyrics like “Shut my eyes right at 17” and later getting “Open eyes right at 23,” we almost see this as 5SOS looking at themselves and reassuring that they always have their own backs no matter how “lost in the in-between” they become.

Because of their openness, this track hit a little harder, and you can tell by the raw lyrics just how much they have grown and how hard they have fought to get to the point they are now.

“Take my hand now and forever/ Where I stand just as your losing yourself again/ Look in the Mirror”

It feels as if all the previous 5SOS albums have brought us to this very moment, as you can clearly see the growth and maturity throughout the track. Hitting us with nostalgia and new feelings all at once, 5SOS seems to have a way of feeling familiar yet so unlike anything we’ve heard with each new project we get, and this one is no different.

Keeping up the dream like visuals, the ‘Take My Hand’ visualizer matches the track perfectly. Glimpses of the bands face, but not every detail. Pops of colors in tune to the rhythm of the song. Weird, yet beautiful kaleidoscopes made of eyes, the wilderness and shapes. To say we were mesmerized is an understatement. Watch it for yourself below!

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Are you like us and keep hitting repeat on the new track? You can listen to ‘Take My Hand’ on Spotify or Apple music right here. Need more 5SOS in your life? Good thing their going on tour! Check out their upcoming worldwide tour dates.

So tell us, what did you think of the new single? Comment below and then come cry with us over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or send us a buzz on Facebook or Instagram!

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