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SEVENTEEN Is Releasing An English Single And We’re Overthinking Everything

SEVENTEEN Is Releasing An English Single And We’re Overthinking Everything

Mark your calendars, CARATs! K-Pop supergroup SEVENTEEN will be releasing their first-ever English single on April 15 at 12 am ET. This will be the highly anticipated pre-release to their 4th full-length album which arrives this coming May.

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Yes, CARATs, we said full-length album. Feel free to scream, run around the room, and flip through the empty slots in your photocard binder because those spots are about to be filled next month! 


The song is expected to be a prelude to the group’s heartfelt stories for their fans and will drop only days before their first feature film, SEVENTEEN THE POWER OF LOVE: THE MOVIE, shows in theaters on April 20 (a second screening will take place on April 23.) You can grab your tickets here. We can’t wait to stock up on movie theater popcorn and slushies, then catch the show with our irls! 


But there’s more! Their English single marks the start of TEAM SEVENTEEN, a new project shrouded in mystery for now. The group unveiled a teaser video with the question “TEAM SVT?” being typed out on the screen before cutting to various group photos of SEVENTEEN in concert.

The clip ends with the ultimate cliffhanger, “CARATS, STAY TUNED.” How could we not?? It’s clearly a big hint at a very exciting upcoming year for both SEVENTEEN and CARAT as a united team. Very suspicious…

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Time To Overthink

If you’re like us, or any other K-Pop fan out there, you eat up and inspect every tiny hint our groups drop until there’s nothing left but wishful thinking and vague confirmations of suspicions we’ve had for months.

Or maybe, you just enjoy announcements and wait patiently for more news to arrive. But that’s not us. So, let’s break down a few announcements and clues from SEVENTEEN and overthink what they might mean!

World Tour?

Their TEAM SEVENTEEN video included photos of the group at their concerts for a reason, right? Right? The announcement tweet says “SEVENTEEN and CARAT, together we are TEAM SVT.”

Since TEAM SVT stands for both the 13-member group and CARATs being together then perhaps that means together in the same country, the same city, and the same venue. At least that’s what we’re hoping for! Just in case, we’re planning our outfits and grabbing our CARATBONG ahead of time. 

New Logo 

Okay, onto the next surprise announcement. On March 27, their official socials left fans to make their own theories after posting a video that showed off a new group logo and a new logo for CARATs as well.

There’s even a new TEAM SVT Instagram filter to try out!

To us, the logo change is similar to a new haircut that signifies a fresh start. It seems like the group is preparing to take on new adventures. A new logo also means new merch designs at their currently theoretical concert stops 👀. There’s a saying going around CARATLAND that these logos are the start of a new era for SEVENTEEN and we have to agree. 

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All right, this might be a reach but we’re gonna say it. Recently, SEVENTEEN held their sixth annual fanmeet, SEVENTEEN in CARATLAND, and a few members debuted new colorful hair. Leader S.Coups entered with pink hair, WOOZI with light green hair, and Wonwoo sported navy blue hair.

Now, we’re aware that this could have just been for the three-day fan event, but we’re hoping they filmed other content with their new looks. Maybe a new music video? We did tell you we were going to be overthinking everything.

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We’ll end it here so you can contemplate just what exciting news SEVENTEEN is holding back. From their new English single dropping on April 15 to their new full-length album coming in May, CARATs have a lot to get excited about and it’s all thanks to an extremely talented K-Pop group by the name of SEVENTEEN. 

CARATs, what plans do you think SEVENTEEN has brewing for the rest of the year? What do you think their English single will sound like? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook

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