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The World Is Not The Same ‘As It Was’ Thanks To Harry!

The World Is Not The Same ‘As It Was’ Thanks To Harry!

The world is not the same ‘As It Was!’ Our favorite man alive has changed everything in us and has let us crash into his home to love, sing, and dance with him. Harry Styles has just released the first track for HS3, and we are loving it with all of our hearts!

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Come On Harry, We Want To Thank You!

How a great way to start the month, isn’t it? Our minds cannot process that after three years of being in our Fine Line era, we are moving on to a new home with our bestie! And there was no better way for Harry Styles to welcome all of us into his home than with ‘As It Was!’

The wonderful, moving, catchy and colorful song has brought joy to every soul that hears the track! ‘As It Was’ has become one of the main reasons why we are loving 2022 so far!

And please can we talk about the music video? Harry, we didn’t know you had those dance moves saved! We were stuck thinking about that 16-year-old boy’s dance moves that you showed us on the X-Factor!

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Let’s not forget about the art and beautifulness that this video carries. We were crying about how beautiful our bestie looked and everything that surrounded him! This is a complete masterpiece worth being in a museum!

Something Beautiful.

‘As It Was’ has become the perfect way for us to feel the warm fire and love of our new home. We have packed all of our things in the Headquarters to get ready to move to Harry’s House! We are completely sure that this upcoming album will be a new way for us to have a bigger and deeper connection with our favorite man alive, and we can’t wait to share the feeling with our mutuals and with him.

Pre-save the album HERE!

It’s Not The Same ‘As It Was’

Dear Harries, we are sure we are very excited about this new era that is coming for our king. Even though we are not ready to close up the Fine Line cycle, we are sure Harry’s Home will welcome us with a big warm hug that is going to make all feel all the love of Mr. Styles.

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The most exciting time of the year is about to start. Harry’s Home is ready to welcome us all to become a bigger family than we were. People say music connects the world, but Harry Style’s music connects hearts.

Besties, how are we feeling? What are we expecting for this new era? Tell us everything in the comments, and don’t forget to buzz with us on Twitter by using the hashtag #AsItWas and tagging us @TheHoneyPop!

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