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4 New Music Videos That Sent Us Into Emotional Overdrive

4 New Music Videos That Sent Us Into Emotional Overdrive

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It’s always a good day when our faves serve us up some new music, but we love it, even more when they serve us up a finely tuned music video on a silver platter. So this week, we have four new ones that we are specifically fully submerging our every sense into – four videos that these artists put their whole artistussy into.

Now, enough of the logistics; let’s dive into these videos! Prepare for your daily dose of serotonin, and maybe grab some tissues just in case you’re a puddle of emotions after (we were, so you’re not alone!)

‘Boyfriend’ – Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron has always occupied a large portion of our brains. From her incredible acting to her masterful musical career, we have never been able to get enough of her. Her latest song, ‘Boyfriend,’ has been living in our heads rent-free as it climbs in popularity across TikTok, social media, and all streaming platforms, so the queen giving us an ICONIC music video has broken us on every level. We also can’t help but connect a few of the scenes to Perks Of Being A Wallflower (the tunnel scene! We know you know the one!), and we are even more obsessed! YES, QUEEN! WE LOVE IT ALL! Check it out below, and don’t forget to stream the single here!

‘Hurtless’ – Dean Lewis

Dean Lewis never fails to impress us, and each song he releases wraps around every fiber of our being, grabs every emotion we’ve ever felt, and brings it all to the surface to create an out-of-this-world experience. His newest song, ‘Hurtless,’ is captivating, raw, and just came and sucker-punched us right in the feels (and we’ll allow it). Dean Lewis made this song and video so emotionally rich and powerful that we can’t help but surrender to it all. Check it out below, and stream the new single here!

‘Evergone’ – Christina Perri

Christina Perri has one of the most unique and beautiful voices we have ever heard, and this song showcases that beautifully. ‘evergone’ is a glorious ebb and flow of sad, heartfelt lyrics and monumental emotions, and we are here, trying to drink it in as much as we can, but it never seems to be enough. The thought-provoking music video also has us feeling all the pain and sadness she’s trying to portray, and we feel like it’s showing how alone you can feel in a busy, chaotic world while you’re grieving. Yet, despite your sorrows and sadness, the world still goes on around you – a tragic sentiment, but it makes it all the more real. Check out the video below and stream the single here!

‘Pray’ – Jessie Murph

Jessie Murph is officially the love of our lives! Seriously, can we be her besties, PLEASE!? Her music has quickly become some of our most favorite, and we would even mark it as comfort music for our tired souls. ‘Pray’ especially has been rising-up our rankings because of how relatable it is. And being fed such a piercing and soul-crushing video to accompany the track has sent our senses into emotional overdrive. Check out the video below, and stream the single here!

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There you have it, honey poppers, four music videos from this week that send our emotions into overdrive and also make us glad that we exist at the same time as such incredible artists!

Which music video is your favorite from our list? Do you have a favorite release from this week that we didn’t list here? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

Buzzin for more new music? We’ve got the drip!

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