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‘As It Was’ And As It Should Be – Harry Styles, Record Breaker.

‘As It Was’ And As It Should Be – Harry Styles, Record Breaker.

“Come on Harry, we want to say goodnight to you.” No, actually, we really do. And “good morning,” and “we love you,” and “we’re proud of you,” and “are you drinking enough water?” We want to say all the things to be honest. We’re not doing very well over here at THP HQ. And seemingly, neither is the entirety of social media, stans, the public. ‘As It Was’ has steam-rolled us all, and we’re absolutely okay with that.

Do you think Harry Styles just woke up and decided “Hmm, I think I’ll break some records today?” because, you know, he could just do that. And he has! This just in, hot off the press – Harry’s brand new single ‘As It Was’ has officially broken the record. Which record, we hear you ask? Well… loads of them! Harry himself might not “wanna talk about who’s doin’ it first” but we do… because it’s him! He’s doing it first, he’s breaking records on a monumental scale. It’s Harry, and let’s be honest, in our hearts, it always has been.

It’s record domination over at Harry’s House! Harry fans, and the world over, have proven their love for Harry Styles and his music, to levels never recorded before, in history. Let’s let that sink in for a sec! We always knew he could and he would, but now he officially has.

The Records

Image Source: Spotify, Courtesy of Sony Music
“The most-streamed song globally in a single day in 2022 on Spotify.”

That’s with 21.6 Million Spotify streams in a single day! But wait, what does that actually mean? How do you even fathom 21.6 million of anything? Well, we’ve done the math for you…

In one day, the world streamed ‘As It Was’ on Spotify, twice as many times as the UK bought loaves of bread that day (11 million!) We feel like Harry would like that fact. Get it? Bread? He worked in a …. oh, never mind.

Image Source: Tenor
“Most first day worldwide streams of any Spatial Audio release on Apple Music”

This is the most streams on a song’s release day, ever achieved since this immersive experience even became a possibility on Apple Music back in June 2021. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

“The highest streaming first-day release of 2022, on Apple Music.”

King sh*t, tbh. Nobody touch us, we’re gonna need a minute.

“The most-streamed song in the US in a single day in Spotify history.”

IN SPOTIFY’S ENTIRE US HISTORY. Excuse us? We’re gonna need a good 4 – 5 business days to move on from that!

How many streams is that exactly? Well, we’re glad you asked, you lovely little feather boa wearing, banana dressing, cardigan crocheting honey bees – 8.3 Million streams in one day! Math time again…

At a song duration of 2 minutes 47 seconds, and that song streamed 8.3 Million times on US Spotify alone in one day, it equates to ‘As It Was’ streaming for 23,101,667 minutes. That’s 4.4 DECADES. Or to put it into Harry-themed perspective, you (or Harry!) could watch the Green Bay Packers play a full football game 120,321 times, back to back… We’re completely serious.

Image Source: NPR Music

There aren’t even words to describe how proud we are of Harry Styles, and that’s a concern considering we’re writers! We’re screaming into our pillows over ‘As It Was’ and with the physical pain excitement of waiting for Harry’s House. ‘As It Was’ isn’t just a song, it’s a cultural reset, the oxygen we breathe, a lifestyle, an escape from this cruel world, and the reason we’re awake at 4am. It’s the rush that reminds us we’re alive.

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We probably don’t even need to say this, but we’ll do our job and say it anyway – You can stream and purchase ‘As It Was’ right here, right now. You can pre-save/add Harry’s House, releasing on May 20th, on Apple Music and Spotify right now, and pre-order the album here (As if you haven’t already!).

How are you celebrating ‘As It Was?’ If you want to boast about how many times you’ve streamed it, then we 100% wanna hear it! Come and scream and cry with us, over Harry Styles (and the fact that he sang his own name because we’re sorry, but how does he know? that was so cool!) over on the bird app, Instagram and Facebook!

Do you need more Harry simping in your life? Well, unfortunately, The Honey POP is a completely stable and emotionally resilient pop culture publication….. Sike, just kidding, we’re ill. Check out more of our very simpy Harry coverage right here! What Harry’s House track are you claiming? Take our very scientific quiz and find out!


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