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Binge Fest In Your Future? Check Out THP’s Fave New Hulu Releases!

Binge Fest In Your Future? Check Out THP’s Fave New Hulu Releases!

In need of a binge-fest or just something new to watch? Well then, we’ve got all the latest drip from Hulu‘s new releases! With new movies and shows added, you can have the perfect night in! Go grab your favorite drinks and snacks, as we take you through our four new fave releases from Huli! Happy streaming!

Content Warning: This article discusses Hulu series’ that contain topics that some readers may find distressing or triggering. Section 1, titled “The Girl From Plainville” discusses a series about suicide and manslaughter. Section 2, titled “First Day” discusses a series with a topic of transphobia. Your discretion is advised. You can skip these topics by scrolling down to sections 3 and 4!

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1. The Girl From Plainville

This Hulu newly released Original Limited Series, The Girl From Plainville, follows the real story of Michelle Carter (Elle Fanning) and the “texting-suicide.” This three-episode series is based on the Esquire article written by Jesse Barron, of the same name. Since this series and cast were announced back in 2020, we’ve been apprehensively waiting for its release. If you’re not familiar with this case, let us loop you in – Conrad Henry Roy III, 18, sadly passed away in 2014 by suicide, after being coerced and encouraged via text messages, by his girlfriend, Michelle Carter, 17. Through this hard-hitting series, we see the relationship between Carter (Elle Fanning) and Conrad Roy III (Colton Ryan), as well as the events which led to Conrad’s death. Expected to be a very dark series and topic, with an incredible cast, this is definitely one to add to your list

Series Content Warning: Detailed topics of suicide and manslaughter.

2. First Day (Complete Season 2)

We absolutely loved Season One of First Day, so we were so thrilled to see this come across our THP desk! First Day, the award-winning and highly commended series, is back, and so is protagonist Hannah Bradford (Evie MacDonald). Back at Hillview high once again, this time in her second year, Hannah means business. She’s running for Class Captain! Yes, Hannah, you go Hannah! When her campaign efforts bring to light a plague of transphobia amongst her fellow students, Hannah being Hannah, works to support fellow LGBTQIA+ students at the school, and sets up a very much needed group and safe space. With transphobic microaggressions flying through the halls of Hillview High, how will Hannah’s relationships with her peers (and love interest!) change, and how will Hannah navigate these challenges?
We are so ready to find out, and we hope you are too. This is definitely not one to be missed!

First Day finally dropped, on March 31, International Transgender Day of Visibility, so run don’t walk, and binge First Day now!

Series Content Warning: Transphobia.

3. Death on the Nile (2022)

With this sequel to Murder on the Orient Express, our fave clever little sleuth, Hercule Poirot, is off sailing down the Nile on a glamourous getaway, when a murder turns everything on its head! As the Belgian detective dives into a terrifying search for the murderer, will he get to the bottom of the case, or will all the suspects be in “De-Nile?” (We are so sorry. We’ll be off now.)

We’re already transfixed! With a grand landscape framed by the one remaining and intact “Wonder of The World” – The Giza Pyramids, the dramatic tale of love gone murderously wrong is serving up impeccable costumery, dizzying twists, and is leaving us asking “Who Dunnit?” till the last shocking reveal. Plus, did we mention how fire this cast is? We’ve got Gal Gadot, Kenneth Branagh, and Armie Hammer, to name a few. Absolutely *chef’s kiss* casting! We’re so ready for a good old murder mystery! Stream this Hulu new release now! Anyone for a game of Clue down at THP HQ? We’ll put some honey popcorn on!

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4. Name That Tune (Season 2)

In real life, it’s everyone’s favorite pub quiz and family holiday argument game! On TV, it’s a chaotic game show that’s side-achingly good fun for all the family. Yep, Name That Tune is back for season 2. With familiar faces: Jane Krakowski and Randy Jackson on hand, as contestants frantically put their musical knowledge to the test! Season one left us SCREAMING at our TVs, so you best believe we are so ready for whatever excitement (and stress!) comes from this new season! With cash and prizes up for grabs, contestants must literally Name That Tune, with the aid of a live band. It’s everything we love – chaotic fun, money, and live music! Yes, please! We’re planning a THP HQ Name That Tune game night as we speak! The new season even includes some star celebs like JoJo, Shaggy, Mel B, and more! Can you Name That Tune? Play along and find out now!

While these are just a few of our favorites that are definitely streaming-worthy, Hulu has a few more movies and shows that are definitely worth your while! Check them out below:

  • Night Raiders (2021)
  • Love Me (Complete Season 1)
  • One Shot (2021)
  • American Seige (2021)
  • Skyfire (2019)
  • Hulu Originals Snakehead (2021)
  • The Dropout – Episode 107 “Heroes”

While we know what some of our favorite and binge-worthy shows and movies from Hulu are, we’d love to know what yours are! Drop a comment below or head over to Twitter at @TheHoneyPOP! You can also tell us your thoughts by going to our Instagram!


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