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little luna Talks Self-Reflection With New Single ‘the glass’

little luna Talks Self-Reflection With New Single ‘the glass’

Here at The Honey POP, we are obsessed with bringing you the latest in music, especially highlighting new artists. And we are so excited to introduce you to rising indie-pop artist little luna. Born Rachel Kathryn Bell, little luna has created a self-reflexive path through her music and the visuals to match, and that’s so evident in her latest release, ‘the glass.’. She is also gearing up to release her debut EP through the self on May 15.

The indie-pop singer takes inspiration from her journey of self-rediscovery and inspires others to do the same through her music. little luna also takes inspiration from 70’s music and fashion to create her ever-so pleasing visuals that bring her stories to life.  

In her recent single ‘the glass,’ the indie-pop artist tells a story of the introspection we have on ourselves. The catchy guitar melodies and drumbeats make the perfect combination for this track. The lyrics dive into the reflective nature we all have and that it’s okay to accept our flaws. The song’s theme is conveyed through the chorus with lyrics like, “I’ve been facing a side/ of myself in the glass, tonight/ and I realized, it’s okay that I look inside.”

“‘the glass’ was born out of a revelation i had while looking in the mirror. we all have parts of ourselves that are wonderful, and we all have parts of ourselves that are not great,”

little luna on her inspiration for ‘the glass’

little luna Emphasizes Her Message Through Visuals

Apart from painting a picture through her lyrics, little luna also demonstrates the song’s story through the music video for ‘the glass.’ In the opening frame of the music video, we see the indie-pop artist looking at her reflection in the mirror. The reflection is singing the song to her. In other moments of the video, we see little luna’s reflection embracing the flaws and taking a “look inside.” The creative nature of the video gives a glimpse at the visual aspect little luna embraces in her work.

Image Source: KayKay Blaisdell

We’re so excited to see more of little luna in the future and can’t wait for her debut EP through the self. Until then, we’ll be streaming ‘the glass.’ And you should too!

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