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KWON EUNBI Puts Color In Our Lives With ‘Glitch’

KWON EUNBI Puts Color In Our Lives With ‘Glitch’

Kwon Eunbi blew us all away with her solo debut last year, and now she’s back with a totally different concept with ‘Glitch.’ It might be a new direction where she shows brand new sides of her, but it still has everything that we loved about her as a singer and soloist in her debut. Color is simply flawless, to say the least. Eunbi really outdid herself with this one and it’s crazy to think this is only her second mini-album. 

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With this comeback, Eunbi really showed us something very different from her debut. Sonically speaking, ‘Glitch’ has nothing to do with ‘Door,’ but it still keeps that sophisticated and elegant touch we love from Eunbi. ‘Glitch’ is an almost retro track with electronic elements – one could even say it’s deep house. Her vocals are very subtle and beautiful in the track, but she still shows many sides of her voice. One of the highlights when it comes to her vocals is, by far, the second pre-chorus that goes into these more soft subtle vocals for the chorus. And the switch in the bridge, introducing a string quartet and mixing it with electronic elements, is just excellence. This is how music should sound.

‘Glitch’ just gives off such a confident and elegant vibe, and she pulls it perfectly. Absolutely no one could do this concept like her. The music video is just proof of it – how stunning she looks with those outfits and those lights! Everything about this is just excellent.


As much as we love ‘Glitch,’ nothing in Eunbi‘s second mini-album sounds like it. And that’s okay, because every single song complements it so well and has its own color. It is a pretty laid-back, chill mini-album, but it is filled with incredible musical and vocal moments. Whether it’s the production, the use of instruments, or just her outstanding vocals, this mini-album is perfect in every single way.

The introduction, ‘The Colors of Light,’ perfectly summarizes the vibes of Color: it utilizes a string quartet that slowly mixes with electronic elements that tease ‘Glitch.’

‘Magnetic’ is the perfect example of how string quartets should be used in pop music. There are no words to describe how incredible it is. It’s the most upbeat b-side in Color and a huge highlight of this release. It creates such a unique atmosphere with the chorus that lures you in, her incredible vocals, and those perfect pop melodies. Just like ‘Glitch,’ it gives off a confident and yet mystic vibe, and it’s everything.

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‘Colors’ is a much chiller, laid-back track that sums up this release pretty well. It’s a beautiful R&B and soul song that feels incredibly personal. The lyrics talk about growing up and it has this kind of bittersweet feeling to it. However, ‘Colors’ could still be considered a feel-good song. Again, it’s bittersweet!

On the fifth track of Color, ‘Speed of Love,’ Eunbi sounds right out of a classic Disney film. The song has this amazing jazz feel to it and it just sounds so magical. And finally, the closing track of this flawless mini-album is ‘OFF,’ a soulful and jazzy ballad. The lyrics of this one are absolutely heartbreaking and all the emotion passes through beautifully through her incredible vocals. 

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Image Source: Wollim Entertainment

This entire release just proves more than ever how incredible of a vocalist Eunbi is and how versatile she can be as an artist. Every single song has so much to offer and has its own vibe, own *color*, yet they all fit together perfectly like a puzzle. ‘Glitch’ and Color as a whole is simply music excellence and not many could pull it off like Eunbi is doing it. It just makes us even more excited to see how far she’ll go, because this is an insane release to be her first comeback as a soloist.

What are your thoughts on ‘Glitch?’ What’s your favorite b-side in Color? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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