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4 Big Bang Songs To Make You Feel All The Feels

4 Big Bang Songs To Make You Feel All The Feels

VIPs, K-Pop veterans, and new fans alike might want to sit down for this: Big Bang is back! The group’s new single, ‘Still Life,’ is their first release in over four years, and we at THP are absolutely not okay. How can we possibly be okay? This is Big Bang we’re talking about!

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Big Bang song 'Still Live' mv G-Dragon
Image Source: Screenshot of ‘Still Life’ Music Video
Big Bang song 'Still Life' mv Daesung
Image Source: Screenshot of ‘Still Life’ Music Video

The music video visuals, the emotional rap verses, and the nostalgic vocals of ‘Still Life’ are top-tier. We expected Big Bang’s new song to be a hit, but we didn’t expect how hard it’d hit us in the feels (especially after listening to the lyrics). Here are four other Big Bang songs to get you in your feels!

‘Haru Haru’

We’re starting this list with the ever-iconic heartbreak anthem ‘Haru Haru’ from Big Bang’s third EP, Stand Up. And we’d be lying if we said we didn’t revisit Big Bang’s whole discography in preparation for this comeback. It’s been almost 15 years since ‘Haru Haru’ came out in 2008, but this song still gets us emotional whenever we listen to it. Yes, we’re currently writing this through our tears. No, we’ll never stop replaying it.


If we could name one Big Bang song that had us in a chokehold in 2015, it’d be ‘Loser’ from their fourth single album, M. ‘Loser’ touches on the insecurities and flaws that everyone may have, even celebrities. Big Bang released this song after a three-year hiatus, so it has a special place in our VIP hearts. If you didn’t blast this song in your room and scream about being a loser when you were younger, you haven’t lived.

‘If You’

This list wouldn’t be complete without the breakup ballad ‘If You’ from Big Bang’s sixth single album, D. You know it’s a song that’s meant to get you in your feels when all of the members sing, including G-Dragon and T.O.P. And these lyrics? “On days where thin rain falls like today, / I remember your shadow. / Our memories that I secretly put in my drawer, / I take them out and reminisce again by myself.” We’re sobbing now, thanks.

‘Last Dance’

Finally, to round out our list of sad Big Bang songs, we have ‘Last Dance’ from their third studio album, Made. This album marked the group’s last comeback before T.O.P’s military enlistment in early 2017, followed by G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung in 2018. ‘Last Dance’ reflects on Big Bang’s time together with one another and their fans since the group’s debut. It gave us hope for their return, and we’re so happy that the wait is over.

Regardless of which groups you stan, you can’t deny Big Bang’s incredible influence on K-Pop and its global popularity. These living legends are back again with their beautiful new song ‘Still Life,’ and we’re eager to see what they’ll do next. But we’ll be here getting in our feels for now.

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Big Bang song 'Still Life' mv Taeyang
Image Source: Screenshot of ‘Still Life’ Music Video
Big Bang song 'Still Life' mv TOP
Image Source: Screenshot of ‘Still Life’ Music Video

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