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4 Lyrics From EXO Suho’s Grey Suit That Touched Our Hearts

4 Lyrics From EXO Suho’s Grey Suit That Touched Our Hearts

EXO-Ls and bunny citizens, how are we feeling? Have you been recovering well from our dearest leader Suho dropping one of the most beautiful mini albums ever? We surely are still streaming Grey Suit as if our lives depended on it. It seems unbelievable that Suho has been discharged from the military and dropped new music for us. We cannot believe it but it is real!

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However, the music is as beautiful as we expected it to be. Duh, it is Suho after all. The title song ‘Grey Suit’ is the perfect combination of a soft rock ballad and Suho’s underrated and smooth vocals on top of that – boom, magic happened! So we are not sure what you are doing but why don’t you listen to the album here?

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The music video for ‘Grey Suit’ gave us so many beautiful visuals of Suho – that suit look? *Chef’s kiss* The pink flannel with the black nail polish? Yes, we levitated! But let us not go on about how beautiful everything is, but focus on Suho’s artistry. Because the man has co-writing credits on all six songs of this EP, this calls for one of our favorite things to do here at THP. Let’s dissect some of our favorite lyrics from Grey Suit!

‘Grey Suit’

“While I was thinking about the time we were together
This grey is spreading sorrowfully throughout my memory”

Of course, we first have to mention the EP’s title song, ‘Grey Suit,’ and these lines from the pre-chorus. Suho really spent his time well while being enlisted, doing a lot of civic duties, but we still missed him a lot. Looking at these lyrics he also more than missed EXO-Ls. We relate as the world really felt grey without him so we are really glad to have him back.

‘Morning Star’

“An island that slips through the gap between my hands“

We had goosebumps when we read this line from ‘Morning Star.’ Suho really outdid himself lyrically and vocally with this song. The island that slips through our hands is our past memories and time. The entire EP has this overall theme about time and it really resonates with us. It feels like time is always slipping through our fingers, but it is our time now to make the best of it even if it keeps running!


“Why is my heart in a hurry, love’s like a hurdle
There’s nothing we can do, still, I’m running now”

We won’t deny this in the least, but yes, ‘Hurdle’ is by far our favorite song on Grey Suit (where is the music video?!). The song is an absolute rockish banger and Suho has never sounded better. Truthfully, the only thing making ‘Hurdle’ even better is its lyrics. These lines from the chorus really touched us. Yes, love isn’t easy, you have to overcome so many obstacles but for love that is as beautiful as this one, we will always keep running.

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“The more I swallow, the more thirsty I get
I have to drink endlessly”

‘Decanting’ has such an amazing atmosphere and we can’t stop replaying it. The lyrics that stuck out to us the most are from the song’s first pre-chorus. Yes, we chose this because we feel like this about Suho and our love for him and EXO. But also we wish we’d experience a real-life love like that. This type of love seems more than intoxicating, where they just keep drinking but can’t seem to satisfy the thirst for more. This love is bottomless!

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What’s your favorite lyric from Grey Suit? How happy are you to have Suho back? What’s your favorite song from the album? Tell us in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter (@thehoneypop), Instagram, or Facebook.


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