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6 Songs By Bang Yongguk Your Playlist Needs

6 Songs By Bang Yongguk Your Playlist Needs

Yes, hello again, fellow honey bee K-Pop stans. You figured it out, it is time we bring more amazing music to you! This time we want to out ourselves as huge stans of the K-Pop group B.A.P, especially their leader Bang Yongguk! Yes, Baby, you have come to the right place. It is time we appreciate this man!

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Bang Yongguk did a fantastic job leading B.A.P for the entire time they were active. They went through so much together and are now all fulfilling themselves in various ways! Some are making solo music, others are completing their military service. Yongguk was recently discharged from the military and right after, he went on to establish his own label, CONSENT, and now he is finally back to bless us with more of his amazing solo music!

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Since Yongguk has always been known for combining his fantastic rap skills with rock and hip-hop, it makes for some amazing music. So, it is time for you to join us while we recommend you six songs by Yongguk that your playlist needs!


‘Up’ first is a b-side from Yongguk’s most recent EP, called 2. The rapper just released a live video for it and, let us tell you, it goes even harder than the studio version. Yongguk sounds absolutely amazing in this one, he is spitting bars while making it all sound amazing on top of this intense hip-hop beat!

‘Orange Drive’

Next up is one of our favorite Yongguk songs, ‘Orange Drive.’ This one was released pretty close to Yongguk’s enlistment in 2019 and got us through those months without the singer. The combination of Yongguk’s rap, the saxophone, and the raspy vocals make this song more than perfect. You just have to have this one on your playlist!


How could we forget this song! ‘HIKIKOMORI’ – which is a Japanese word for people, especially young adults, who live isolated from the world – is a real gem of a song. The lyrics of it and Yongguk’s voice broke us and healed us at the same time. Also, it is just way too relatable. The music video is not for the faint of heart either. We just love how raw Yongguk is with us in this song. A must listen.


His first song after enlistment came to us in the form of ‘RACE,’ and what a return it was for the rapper! The rock elements absolutely elevate this song and Yongguk looks just fantastic in this music video. Obviously, we have been screaming about this for months and just needed to share it with you. On the playlist it goes!

‘Xie Xie’

Bang Yongguk’s first self-titled album hit us hard. Some of those songs and lyrics are hard to digest and read, but one of the bangers we have to mention from the album has to be ‘Xie Xie.’ We also recommend you to listen to the remix version of this – it hits hard. This is the Yongguk we love, with powerful raps that make you move!

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Lastly, we can’t forget our newest queen! ‘Up’ is Yongguk’s latest title song and, boy, is she a queen! She proves how Yongguk can make any genre sound good and so distinctively like him! It’s the Yongguk print. ‘Up’ gave us bad boy, hip-hop Yongguk and we ate it right up! Put this on your playlist right now!

Now,… are you ready to join the Yongguk love fest?

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What’s your favorite Yongguk song? Baby, how much did you miss Yongguk? Did your favorite song make our list? Tell us in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter @TheHoneyPOPInstagram, or Facebook.


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