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This Is How Louies Make Louis Tomlinson’s Concerts Sparkle For Him

This Is How Louies Make Louis Tomlinson’s Concerts Sparkle For Him

“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.” Louis and lights sound so soft and peaceful together, don’t they? Yes, Louis Tomlinson lights up our world and makes it brighter. Doncaster lad Louis Tomlinson is now a Guinness World Record holder too, making us all proud every day. He kicked off his first-ever World Tour in honor of his debut record-breaking album Walls this year in February, after numerous postponements and ups and downs.

Louis Tomlinson World Tour is all about screaming the lyrics loudly with fun-loving Louies and blessing our ears with the awesome performances of Louis and his sick band. Apart from these, LTWT has a special quality, and this is absolutely fan-made – “Lights For Louis.” One of the most amazing sights of Louis Tomlinson’s concerts is when the venues lit up for our boyo. This article is about lights shining for Louis Tomlinson and how Louies make his concerts sparkle for him. Not just the lights but also the fan-made posters dedicated to Louis, are one of the most beautiful and proud moments both for him and us, Louies.

Venues Lit Up During ‘Beautiful War’ And ‘Two Of Us’

It’s Louis Tomlinson World Domination, and we are just living in it. Louies, without having a second thought, have made the song ‘Beautiful War’ full of lights for Louis. When Louis says, “Go on then, get your torches out on your phones, let’s see them. There we go,” the venues light up from the front to back, right side to left side. This is such a delightful sight to see at one and only, Louis Tomlinson’s World Tour.

Image Source: @jasmineishome on Twitter

If you want us to properly describe this picture, then we would say that Louis Tomlinson is singing in a sea of lights. When Louis covers Kings Of Leon’s ‘Beautiful War,’ and his own ‘Two Of Us,’ the lights glimmer, his and our voices soar with “I’ll be living one life for the two of us,” our ears get blessed by his soulful voice, and these lights add extra beauty to it.

Image Source: @CharlieLightening Instagram
Image Source: @lwtpez on Twitter

Venues Turn Into A Rainbow

One of the prettiest sights of LTWT is when venues turn into a full rainbow while fans are waving pride flags during the song ‘Only The Brave.’ Fans held up their respective pride flags in a sea of beautiful color, finding comfort, love, and acceptance to be themselves in the community brought together by Louis.

Have a look at this beautiful video here.

Image Source: via @musical_grl on Twitter

Fan-made Rainbow Lights Projects are catching everyone’s eyes. You can feel the atmosphere even if you are not physically present at the venue, and that’s the power of Louis Tomlinson. This is how Louies sparkle for Louis Tomlinson. Lights and Louis’ angelic voice, what a perfect combination. The article is more about beautiful pictures than words, so enjoy them while imagining yourself at these venues. That is what we are doing.

Image Source: @lwtpez on Twitter


After so many ups and downs along with postponements, our favorite boyo has finally kicked off his World Tour, and nothing can be more beautiful than this.

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Image Source: @LTPromo_Germany on Twitter

The way he starts his concert by singing “Cause we made it,” says a lot. “YOU MADE IT LOUIS.” Fans bringing posters like “YOU MADE IT,” “YOU ARE MY BECAUSE,” and pointing toward him during the line “for every question why, you were my because,” bring a big smile on Lou’s face and that is what we all want to see.

Image Source: @lwtpez on Twitter

This tour is a gift to us and is a special moment of his career. We all know Louis makes us feel safe and loved, and his tour is one of those places. One of the highlighting parts of his tour is how he has stopped shows midway and helped fans who were passing out and in need. He is an artist with a pure heart. When Louis says, “I need you, and you need me,” we all FEEL it, don’t we? Louis Tomlinson World Tour is a true definition of honesty, love, a safe place, bringing the true self, and how lights shine for HIM and always will be.

Have you gone to any of Louis Tomlinson’s concerts yet? Drop us a comment down below, or hit us up on Twitter at @thehoneypop or on Facebook and Instagram, and let us know your fave moments from Louis Tomlinson’s World Tour so far! 


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  • hi arpita, thank you for this article!! you really captured the essence of how Louis’ shows make us feel. <3

  • What a lovely article! Yes, Louis lights up our world and creates so much vibrance and happiness! His shows are incredible and an awesome interaction of an artist and his fans, who love him so, so deeply. The bond between Louis and his audience/fans is full of love, warmth and safety, and this article describes it SOOOOO beautifully. I am very glad that media is now finally giving Louis the much adoration and attention he deserves. Thanks for writing this article!

  • This was such a wonderful article. You really captured the feeling of Louis show and the energy of Louies. Thank you for writing this.

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