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The Weeknd’s Fun Creepy Release Makes Us Feel ‘Out Of Time’

The Weeknd’s Fun Creepy Release Makes Us Feel ‘Out Of Time’

Have you already tuned in to 103.5 Dawn FM? If not, you’re missing out big time! And if you’re anything like us, all updates on The Weeknd‘s artistic moves trigger your hype alarm! Is yours buzzing? Ours hasn’t stopped yet. We totally feel ‘Out Of Time’ as we play his recent music video, push repeat, and gasp on a loop! There’s so much going on those 3:53 minutes we feel the need to get you up to speed! So, hop on this hype train! We’ll relive together the genius, the artistry, and the thrill that only The Weeknd can give.

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Image Source: The Weeknd via GIPHY

It All Started With This ‘Out Of Time’ Music Video…

We cut right to the chase because there was no reason to keep you from that masterpiece! And now, with the tune playing in the background, we can break down together all the elements we simply loved! Ready, steady, go!

…Then We Joined The Weeknd On A Fun-Packed Karaoke Date…

A chilled beat introduces us to our musical hero The Weeknd, as he readies himself. Seconds later, a wild epic cameo happens! Hoyeon Jung, our beloved actress from Squid Game, commands the scene with perfection… *pure admiration.* Suddenly, we know where this is heading and rejoice at the thought! A fateful though awkward encounter in the elevator, an empty hotel restaurant, and a bold approach by our heroine. The die is cast!

Image Source: GIPHY

In no time, we witness a legendary first date. Leave it to these two to make karaoke seem like the funniest, most effortless activity… Still, we wouldn’t want to outshine our ‘Starboy,’ so we would opt for silence. Just kidding! That’s never happening… But all we could ever wish for is exclusive access to a private concert, a.k.a karaoke with The Weeknd!

…That Turned Into A Nightmare!

It wouldn’t be a gem of a music video without a twist. And oh boy, did we get one! Still, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Weeknd would never want to be predictable, so he pulled all the stops with the concept of his ‘Out Of Time’ video. And though it gives off nightmare-ish vibes, we relish in this unexpected turn of events! Also…

Image Source: GIPHY

We spy with our little eyes… the one and only Jim Carrey! Well, that was the very definition of fan service. Thank you very much! And he wraps up the music video in his deep, intensity-packed voice, bringing the circle to a close as we run ‘Out Of Time.’ He leaves us with a name we better remember:

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Still, Our Admiration For The Weeknd Lives On

So much outstanding music from The Weeknd, so little time! Or that’s how we are left feeling as we cover ‘Out Of Time.’ But enough about our thoughts on this release – we want to hear yours! Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook


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