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Our Dream Setlist For Anne-Marie’s Dysfunctional Tour

Our Dream Setlist For Anne-Marie’s Dysfunctional Tour

Our fave Essex queen Anne-Marie is hitting the road next month for her Dysfunctional Tour. We couldn’t be more excited to see her back on the stage and doing her high kicks. May can’t come soon enough, but until then we’ll be dreaming about our ultimate setlist! We’re manifesting at least some of these make it to the stage!

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‘Ciao Adios’ Intro

While we miss the ‘Bad Girlfriend’ intro, the ‘Ciaos Adios’ intro is still a firm fan favorite. We’re hoping this makes it to tour, but if not, it would be great to see a new song enter the mix. From the Therapy album, we think it could make a pretty great intro for ‘Kiss My (Uh Oh),’ ‘Way Too Long,’ or ‘Tell Your Girlfriend.’

‘Kiss My (Uh Oh)’

Okay, so if this one isn’t part of the intro, then we need it elsewhere on the setlist! It is a certified banger and one of our fave collabs! If Anne-Marie’s recent shows like the Banquet Records gig or Jingle Bell Ball are anything to go by, ‘Kiss My (Uh Oh)goes off live. Also, we’re not saying this is going to happen but we did just happen to notice (after intense hopefulness and research) that Anne-Marie and Little Mix both have their London tour dates in the same week of May and they don’t clash… Could we finally get the live performance we’ve been desperate for? C’mon girls, give the people what they want!

‘To Be Young’

An underrated collab if we do say so ourselves. The video was shot at home during the lockdown and the vibes are still immaculate. Also, Doja Cat… need we say much more? We think we’ll leave it at that.


The second we hear that “have yooUOUUuuUU, we guarantee minds will be lost. ‘X2’ is fire on the track and we’d love to see it showcased on tour. During Anne-Marie‘s livestream concert when the album dropped, we got a full dramatic performance of the song featuring lightning, thunder, and rain. It would be so cool to see that make its way into the tour set design and production!


We’re into the ballad section here – we know ‘Beautiful‘ isn’t necessarily a ballad, but bear with us! We loved the orchestral version Anne-Marie performed at Abbey Road Studios, and when she performed the song for the Team GB Homecoming Ceremony with the English National Ballet, the vibes were exquisite. We’d love to see this version performed on tour. Anne-Marie amongst the flowers, her vocals soaring above the string section? We’re getting chills just thinking about it.


We’d heard about love, but didn’t believe in it until this song came around. There is not a dry eye in the room right now. Anne-Marie‘s vocals every time she’s performed this so far have just blown us away. Like ‘Beautiful,’ we’d love to see a big dramatic moment for this song to be fully appreciated as it deserves! Hey AM, if you’re reading this: please don’t tell this one goodbye, keep it on the setlist!

‘Perfect To Me’

A slightly older fan favorite from her album Speak Your Mind, ‘Perfect To Me’ would be a pretty great transition back from the ballad type, emotional songs into the more upbeat, punchy songs. ‘Perfect To Me’ is also like the little sister to our next song on the list. This self-love anthem always puts a smile on our faces and we’d love it if she still kept this one in her live rotation. We’d also love to see it in a throwback medley of some deep cuts like ‘Boy,’ ‘Alarm,’ or ‘Karate.’

‘Who I Am’

Justice for ‘Who I Am!’ We’ve not gotten to hear this one live yet but it’s one of our faves from the Therapy album. We all want to sing loud and proud about how much we love ourselves, flaws and all! “If you don’t like it, I don’t give a damn” is the affirmation we’re taking into the rest of the year. Can you imagine all the lights going down for the “who I am” and then lighting up the stage as the beat drops? Iconic. We need to experience this at least once in our lives.

‘Don’t Play’

Every time KSI, Digital Farm Animals, and Anne-Marie have performed this together, it goes off in a major way. Anne-Marie has popped up a few times on JJ’s tour to perform this with him, so we hope he returns the favor and we get a few KSI cameos on tour. The stage lights up when they perform ‘Don’t Play‘ together, it’s electric!


Okay, okay, we know this is turning into a pretty long and elaborate setlist but what can we say? The woman makes good music and we want it all! Released as a single in 2020, we feel like ‘Problems‘ didn’t get enough time in the spotlight. Rock Marie seems to be making a comeback in the vibes for the next album, so we’re hoping she might add this one to the setlist!


‘Ick’ might not be out yet, but AM has been teasing us with it for a long time now. While we want Therapy to have its moment to shine, we also love when artists play new music on tour and keep the hype going. We’re crossing our fingers we get to hear this bop live on the Dysfunctional Tour!

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You’ve got to have the greatest hits medley in the encore right? We’re expecting to see all the classics like ‘Rockabye‘, ‘Friends’ and ‘2002’. Yes, they may be her most popular songs and you might’ve heard them a lot, but they’re popular for a reason! We love the moments at shows when the whole crowd is screaming along to all the bops. We really hope Anne-Marie keeps performing these for a long time because the atmosphere is insane.

If you can’t tell already, we are so hyped for this tour and can’t wait to see what Anne-Marie does on the road! You can get tickets here!

What songs are you hoping she adds to the setlist? Leave us a comment below with all your faves or drop us a tweet @TheHoneyPop. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram, where we’ll also be scheming up our dream setlist! Come join us!


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