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13 NCT Performances That Take Our Breath Away

13 NCT Performances That Take Our Breath Away

Hello, beautiful people of the world. *clears throat* Welcome to another episode of The Honey POP simping over NCT shamelessly. *looking at empty script* In today’s episode, we will talk about NCT performances that got us to scream, cry, and throw up simultaneously. Before we start, we would like to thank all 23 members of NCT for teaching us to multitask while trying to spot our ult in a crowd of stunning men. *looking back at screen* So, if you are ready, (probably not), let’s appreciate what great performers NCT are. 

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‘The 7th Sense’ By NCT U, Music Core

Yes, we had to start with ‘The 7th Sense,’ the first NCT song we were blessed by. What a debut! From the very beginning of their careers, our boys showed that they are fantastic performers with breath-taking stage presence.

‘Cherry Bomb’ By NCT 127, 2017 MAMA

Um, no, we won’t stop talking about ‘Cherry Bomb’ at 2017 MAMA, ever, and nobody can blame us for that. ‘Cherry Bomb’ choreography was a culture reset, yeoreobun. It is one of the hardest choreos to perform, and we are not saying this, professional dancers are! But each time they do it, 127 kill it, and they give us goosebumps in the best way ever.

‘My First And Last’ By NCT Dream, DREAM SHOW Dance Practice

We adore this song, this performance, and our Dreamies so much. NCT Dream proved they are not here to play around from a young age, and they still keep showing it with every performance. But, can we talk about smooth they are with their moves in this performance video? Thank you.

‘Moon Walk’ & ‘Take Off’ By WayV, 2019 MAMA

We don’t know how we can talk about this performance without screaming, but we will try our best. Can we just take a look at this performance and appreciate them as we should? They are all shining, and their moves are absolutely on point. In other words: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

‘Boss’ By NCT U, ‘We Go Up’ By NCT Dream, ‘Regular’ By NCT 127, ‘Black On Black’ By NCT 2018, SBS

Let us just keep screaming about this performance, too, while we are here. This performance right here, your honor, is how we went absolutely mental. Not only do all units have their own time to shine, but we are also getting a 16-year-old Park Jisung leading his big brothers, as a center during the dance break. Just. Wow.

‘From Home,’ ‘Work It,’ ’90’s Love’ & ‘Make A Wish’ By NCT U, 2020 Asia Artist Awards

Don’t lie, you know that there is something about Resonance Era NCT U units that make you wanna go feral. And in this performance, NCT doesn’t even give us time to catch our breath. First, we are getting the iconic Mark and Ten dance break. Then amazing vocals from the ‘From Home’ unit, which makes us wanna cry thanks to their beautiful voices, AND THEN ‘WORK IT,’ ‘90’S LOVE,’ AND ‘MAKE A WISH’ UNITS??? LIKE, UMM, HELLO??

‘Kick It’ By NCT 127, 2020 MAMA

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before… ‘Kick It’ performances were something else, and you can’t argue with us. Nope. But, especially this one. ‘Kick It’ choreography became very famous right when the music video was released, yet nobody could do it like NCT 127.

‘Diggity’ By NCT Dream, M COUNTDOWN

NCT Dream is a group where you can’t figure out who the actual main dancer is. This is the exact confusion we are living in every time we watch the ‘Diggity’ performance. Just look at the way our Dreamies move effortlessly while slaying those vocals.

‘Turn Back Time’ By WayV, 2020 MAMA

Hah, this is the performance you stop and rewind. (See what we did there?) They literally danced on water? And they ate this performance? Hello? The world seriously needs to stop sleeping on those boys. We said what we said.

‘Resonance’ By NCT 2020, 2020 MAMA

Okay, back to screaming, because what the heck? If everything about this MAMA performance doesn’t give you chills, don’t talk to us. It is everything. The intro, the outfits, the stage presence, the dance moves, the vocals… Like, come on, our leader Lee Taeyong LITERALLY flew and landed on the stage? We bet you hadn’t met a leader that talented before. ✋

‘Hello Future’ & ‘Hot Sauce’ By NCT Dream, ‘Favorite’ & ‘Sticker’ By NCT 127, GaonChart Music Awards

Now, this is one of the most recent performances by NCT Dream and NCT 127, and ever since we saw it, it has lived rent-free in our brains. Our boys literally owned those performances. From the outfits to the stage, and we wished it never ended. Also, shout out to Mark and Haechan for performing 17 minutes straight. Nothing but respect for them.

‘Kick Back’ By WayV

We don’t think we could actually confess how many times we have watched this video without being judged, but too many times. In a row. Sometimes. We don’t care. But you know, it’s never too late. You can join us. You should.

‘Glitch Mode’ By NCT Dream, Inkigayo

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND our newest precious baby, ‘Glitch Mode,’ which gives an error in our hearts every time we watch the performance of it. This choreography is nothing but genius, and Dreamies put on a fantastic show every time they perform it on the stage. Thank God, we just got their comeback, so we can watch them perform 3489578957923875 times more. And guess what? We won’t get bored of it.

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