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Red Velvet Blooms With New Japanese Album

Red Velvet Blooms With New Japanese Album

Yes, Reveluvs, we’re back with another comeback review for Red Velvet! We know you were just here for The Reve Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm, but the Red Velvet girls have made a return with beautiful Japanese album, Bloom. Just in time for spring, Bloom gives us a gorgeous bouquet of songs arranged so perfectly and we couldn’t be more excited to share this experience with you. Let’s get into it!

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Red Velvet Shows Off Their ‘Wildside:’ The ‘Wildside’ MV

First let’s talk about this beautiful and alluring music video for the title track: ‘Wildside.’ It opens up with what appears to be a heist-type concept, with Red Velvet looking sharp in black and white monochrome outfits. There is a red diamond at the center of all this, and it appears that the girls are looking to break into a vault to obtain it, dodging a laser security system in the process. It feels intense and dramatic, as though they’re taking us on the heist with them. Staying true to the title of the album, Bloom, there are a lot of sequences with heaps of flowers, and other plants that give the music video a colorful contrast from those darker scenes centered around the vault.

Red Velvet’s vocals, of course, do not disappoint on this bold anthem. When it opens, it sounds like it would take a more jazzy route, but a trap-like beat takes over and changes the mood of the song. The lyrics detail how they are shedding off their old selves and trading them in for a newer, stronger, and wilder side. This is especially apparent when Seulgi and Irene sing the lyrics “Goodbye/I’m not my old self/Take a look at my WILDSIDE.” One thing’s for sure, we would not want to mess with Red Velvet now that they’re showing off their wild sides. If you don’t believe us, watch it here, that might change your mind.

Where Flowers Bloom: The Side Tracks

Each track on this album is truly a masterpiece, and we expected nothing less from Red Velvet.

The first track, ‘Marionette’ has a repeating melody that borders on just a little bit creepy, but most definitely reminds us of a ‘Marionette.’ ‘Sappy’ actually came out in 2019, but she is back in 2022 to remind us that she can hold her own with RV’s new Japanese tracks. One thing is for sure: this song still makes us bop our heads. Next, comes ‘Jackpot,’ an upbeat and playful track with video-game-type sounds sprinkled throughout the song. We’ve also seen the next track, ‘#Cookie Jar,’ before as well (from 2018), but it’s still a cute, fun track with a funky bass line that you simply cannot get enough of.

‘Snap Snap’ follows, and we hear consistent snapping on the beats, which is clearly a nod to the title of the song. We can’t lie, this song makes us feel like we’re walking on a runway at New York Fashion Week. ‘Sayonara’ returns on Bloom as well, and this is where we start taking it down a notch just a bit. This track is a little more on the jazzy side, with a mid-tempo beat and a prominent piano accompaniment. You might remember the next song, ‘Aitai-tai,’ as well; it’s a bright and lively song with a summery vibe and romantic lyrics.

Next comes ‘Swimming Pool,’ which also is reminiscent of summertime! The electric guitar gives it a more pop-rock sound, which just feels right for a track like this. ‘Cause it’s you’ switches it up after two quick-tempo songs, opting for a soft acoustic guitar and percussion. As we close out the album, Red Velvet gives us ‘Color of Love,’ a lovely song with gentle vocals. Honestly, it feels as if this song were a hug.

Overall, we give this album an 11/10! Another incredible addition to their already exquisite discography.

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Keep On Blooming

We hope you enjoyed this album as much as we at The Honey POP did! It’ll be on repeat for a while over here, along with the rest of our favorite Red Velvet songs. It’s the perfect album for the arrival of springtime (and even summer). Red Velvet is just the gift that keeps on giving.

So now, you should definitely tell us which tracks you liked the best. Were you glad to see some familiar songs on this album too? Maybe you could tell us what you liked about the ‘Wildside’ music video. Let us know in the comments, or tell us on Twitter, @TheHoneyPop, Instagram, or Facebook! We’ll see you again for the next Red Velvet comeback!


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