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Getting You Ready For SEVENTEEN’s ‘Darl+ing’

Getting You Ready For SEVENTEEN’s ‘Darl+ing’


We keep getting ‘Closer’ to SEVENTEEN’s comeback in May, their first English single, ‘Darl+ing,’ on April 15th, and their collaboration with Apple. And well, we don’t think we can contain our excitement, like, at all.

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We first got news of SVT’s first English single in early, early, April, quickly followed by the announcement of a project with Apple. So, if you don’t know, SEVENTEEN and Apple are teaming up with the release of ‘Darl+ing’ and the new Apple store in Korea opening up. They were both in luck as we are now getting K-POP Today by Apple Remix Sessions, where fans will be able to get more scoop on the making of the track and dive into Garageband, which will help Carats make their own remixes of the track. Honestly, we’re very stocked, and it’s really cool seeing this paring. 

We’ve also recently gotten a sneak peek at what the vibes of ‘Darl+ing’ will be and possible lyrics with the mood teaser, which you can check out below. And we’ve also gotten concept photos; btw, the guys look very lovely, as they’re all dressed in cute pastel colors. So fitting for the song title, as well as SVT’s colors.

And we know you, like us, are super stoked about the days counting down for ‘Darl+ing,’ so we did you a little favor and included a couple of SVT tracks and our favorite lyrics from them to stream while you wait. Because what better way to get ready for ‘Darl+ing,’ than with other SEVENTEEN tracks you can dedicate to your S.O’s? So whether you are a Carat or not, strap in, and let’s get started!

Gif Source: Tenor

‘Fallin’ Flower’

Our Favorite Lyrics: “While flower blooms and falls scars cure and buds shoot / We are living our first and last moment / So I won’t take you for granted / Because you loved me as I am”

‘Heaven’s Cloud’

Our Favorite Lyrics: “If you were to fall to the ground from here / Even if that is the first time we met / We could immediately recognize each other,”


Our Favorite Lyrics: My life is so beautiful / In some ways my every day / Seems the same / But when I’m with you, it’s special

‘All My Love’

Our Favorite Lyrics: “My love only amounts to this / But thank you for staying by my side, my baby / Even if my love only amountsto this / I’ll be your spring to whatevеr winter it may be”

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Our job here is done, you’re welcome

So how excited are you for ‘Darl+ing?’ Which SEVENTEEN track on our list is your fave? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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