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Got Your Heart Broken? These 6 New Songs Can Help You Through It!

Got Your Heart Broken? These 6 New Songs Can Help You Through It!

Most of us have been there before at some point: butterflies and blushing cheeks turn into the unthinkable letdown when the person you felt closest to decides they want to go on a different path. Whether it was a full-on relationship or just a crush you got your hopes up for, it sucks. But honey, if you’re dealing with that right now, we can promise you that there will be sunnier days and better people will enter your life. In the meantime, though, sometimes music can help you process what you’re feeling and feel less alone in your experiences.

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So get cozy with your favorite blanket and some ice cream, because we’ve got you! From sadness to anger and moving on, we’ve got a whole musical spectrum at the ready. 

Alicia Keys – ‘City Of Gods Part II’

Sometimes you just need to wallow in the despair for a bit, and that’s perfectly fine! Alicia Keys leans into her own disappointment on ‘City Of Gods Part II,’ a sequel of sorts to her collab with Fivio Foreign, ‘City Of Gods.’ Both songs interpolate the chorus of The Chainsmokers’ melancholy ‘New York City’ as the narrators ask the universe to give them a little break while their romance is crumbling. Simply put, it’s hauntingly beautiful and lets the electronic-accented lyrics from ‘New York City’ really stand on their own and resonate more.

Kaeley Jade – ‘Ego’

With a dreamy pop atmosphere and painfully emotive lyrics, Kaeley Jade brings a complete story to life on ‘Ego,’ which sees her running into an ex at a social event. In some ways, it reminds us of the post-breakup party vibes Lorde offers on Melodrama, though with a more guitar-driven, soft edge reminiscent of artists like Maggie Rogers. If you’ve been seeing your ex in public or even just on social media, this song can get you through the bittersweet feeling it brings up. 

I wrote ‘Ego’ after a particularly rough night at a party, and I wanted to explore how toxic relationships can impact our mental health. This one goes out to all those struggling to find closure.

Kaeley Jade

Alison Wonderland – ‘Forever’

Now for a song to move forward after the pain! Alison Wonderland ponders the idea of eternity on the mid-tempo electropop jam ‘Forever,’ sharing advice she heard that “it’ll feel like forever until it doesn’t.” That can be said for both a relationship you thought would last forever, but also the hurt you experience after. There’s a whole world to experience outside of that relationship you can’t get out of your head, and it’ll take time, but you’ll be able to step away from it when you’re ready! And hey, you might be ready by the time Alison drops her Loner album in May.

This time, something shifted in me, and I decided that I didn’t want to be the victim anymore. Instead, whatever I wrote from here would empower me, and help me find strength in this loneliness. For me, Loner feels like a rebirth.

Alison Wonderland

poutyface – ‘Cherry Picking’ 

Sometimes the dust settles and you start to realize that the person you were with isn’t as great as you thought they were, and poutyface captures that perfectly on ‘Cherry Picking.’ And if you’re dealing with that feeling, we promise that screaming along to “you’re stupid and sloppy” will help at least a little bit. After a few listens to this song, its “I don’t need you” energy will totally rub off on you and turn your focus to making sure you protect your peace.

’Cherry Picking’ is about being used by someone for their own personal validation. I’ve had relationships and friendships where I gave way too much. This song feels like spinning out. It’s about losing your mind trying to keep someone around who isn’t concerned with anyone but themselves… the ones who pick off your energy whenever the fruit looks ripe enough to feed them.


Wet Leg – ‘Ur Mum’

Give the ultimate kiss goodbye to that idealized version of them in your head with ‘Ur Mum,’ a pop-rock track about deciding to leave someone in the past with a few disses to who they’ve become in the time you’ve known them. Wet Leg gives us a good dose of anger in this song, but it mostly comes through with casual sass, so it’ll help you get your frustrations out without going full Godzilla mode (though we’ve all been there… whoops). And if you need an escape from your thoughts, the story-driven music video is a pretty good way to do so!

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I was pretty angry at the way things had gone in this particular dynamic. It’s just a diss song I wrote to make myself feel better. It worked.

Rhian Teasdale

KiNG MALA – ‘cult leader’

And now that we’ve gone through pretty much every negative emotion you’ll probably feel post-breakup, it’s time to lace up our favorite pair of boots and march on! KiNG MALA’s ‘cult leader’ is all about coming to terms with the fact that even though you might be the “villain in someone else’s story,” what really matters is that you keep pushing forward and writing your own story. So pick up a pen and let’s get to it!

I want this song to be two minutes of pure unabashed confidence. I want people to let themselves get lost in the fantasy of the most confident version of themselves (even if it’s a bit toxic). I want this to be a song people turn to when they want to feel like a badass!


What do you think of these songs? Do you have any go-to’s when you’re dealing with heartache? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!  And for more music recs to keep your mind busy, click here

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