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Gracie Abrams’ ‘Block me out’ Proves Why You Can’t Block Her Out

Gracie Abrams’ ‘Block me out’ Proves Why You Can’t Block Her Out

Simply put, we at THP adore Gracie Abrams. And her latest single, ‘Block me out,’ just gave us more reasons to love her! We really think this is some of her best work to date, and if you don’t agree with us… well, we’d say “argue with the wall,” but we’d rather spread Gracie’s artistry, so we’ll just break down why we love it so much. So press play and dive in! Here’s why you can’t block out Gracie Abrams or the incredible ‘Block me out.’ 

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The Recording 

Gracie made ‘Block me out’ at New York’s Long Pond Studio – yes, the Long Pond Studio – with Aaron Dessner of The National, who recently worked on Taylor Swift’s folklore and evermore albums along with her rerecordings. As a longtime Swiftie, we’re sure Gracie was freaking out about that fact! Aaron also worked with Gracie on 2021’s ‘Rockland,’ so we’re glad they reunited for this beautiful track.

There’s something so magical about every song that gets recorded at Long Pond Studio, and ‘Block me out’ is no exception. It’s simply ethereal, and Gracie gave us a glimpse into the production process in the song’s lyric video:

The Lyrics

Speaking of the lyrics, let’s talk about them! Gracie really poured her heart into this track and it shows with every emotional line. ‘Block me out’ is all about her feeling that she’s letting herself down while the people around her have no clue how frustrated she is inside. There’s so much stunning imagery that really illustrates her feelings: “I think I’m burning alive but no one sees the fire” might just be our favorite.

The Vibes

Simply put, they’re immaculate. The guitars and grounded drum beat give the song a really cozy feel, which totally fits into the vibe we get from Long Pond Studio. As we see in the lyric video, and even in Taylor Swift’s folklore: the long pond studio sessions, the studio has lots of soft couches, colored rugs, and wood paneling that creates such a relaxed ambiance. And since it’s in upstate New York, it’s surrounded by gorgeous trees and open fields.

Image Source: Arianna Shooshani

The Performances

If you have tickets to Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR Tour, we were already jealous that you get to see Gracie as her opener… but now we’re even more jealous that you get to feel the vulnerability of ‘Block me out’ live! Gracie plays guitar while crooning her heart out during this song, and it shows how well she can command a stage even just standing in front of curtains with her microphone.

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What are you waiting for? Go stream ‘Block me out’ and be sure to never block Gracie out of your playlist! And, of course, let us know what you think of the song in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We’d love to hear from you! 

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