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Wonder World Tour Just Got Expanded And We Haven’t Stopped Screaming!

Wonder World Tour Just Got Expanded And We Haven’t Stopped Screaming!

We can’t even think of a good intro right now. Because we here at The Honey POP are screaming. We are all laying on the floor in the fetal position because Shawn Mendes wants nothing more than to see us weep. First with the release of ‘When You’re Gone,’ and now we’re hearing about the Wonder World Tour being expanded on the North American front! 

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You heard it here… probably not first, but definitely filled with excitement! Shawn Mendes knows how obsessed with him we are, and that’s why we’re convinced he did this on purpose! Expanding the tour may or may not have caused chaos in the workplace here at The Honey POP. (It did. It caused nothing but chaos in The Honey POP HQ. We are unwell.) Let’s discuss all we know about the Wonder World Tour and its expansion.

Here’s What We Know!

One thing we know for sure is that we are opening our wallets immediately. It’s Shawn Mendes. How could we not? We were already insanely excited for Wonder World Tour, and now? We’re planning on throwing a party and inviting Shawn! (If he doesn’t come, we’re definitely gonna pretend like this didn’t happen. You know, saving face and all.) Do you think he’ll come?

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Another thing that we know is that Shawn has offered more North American shows! Insert the jazz hands! (Or spirit fingers if you like that idea better. We’re flexible!) There have definitely been a lot of backflips being done around The Honey POP headquarters. It’s truly a sight to see. We consider ourselves quite the entertainers. If you wanna get tickets, get them while you still can! We’ve got you covered! Click right here!

Will We See You There?

Shawn Mendes is a gift to the world, and the Wonder World Tour is just one of those little mini gifts. You know we love presents! We haven’t stopped crying since the release of Wonder, and now the Wonder World Tour is here to tear us to shreds. (It’s okay! We are completely used to it. We’re just gonna cry about it silently.) 

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Even if you’re not going to the Wonder World Tour, you have to admit Shawn Mendes is serving nothing but iconic behavior this year. We are beyond obsessed with every song, video… honestly just Shawn. That’s it. That’s all we truly can say. Shawn Mendes Supremacy.

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Do you have tickets to see the Wonder World Tour? How excited are you about the tour? Should we become best friends with Shawn Mendes? (The only answer to this is yes.) Let us know in the comments below! Even better, you can let us know on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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