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7 Of Our Favorite Rap Verses by THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo

7 Of Our Favorite Rap Verses by THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo

Favorite Raps The Boyz Sunwoo

Everyone stop what you’re doing: we’re going to take a moment to gush over The Boyz’s main rapper, Sunwoo! We at The Honey POP have a soft spot for this lovely boy, so we feel it’s only right to highlight his talent 🥰. However, this article is not going to be us just saying that he’s talented over and over. No, no. We’re going to discuss some of our favorite Sunwoo rap verses in this history of ever (many of them being his best). Let’s be real: Sunwoo is one of the most gifted rappers the fourth generation has seen. We’ve watched him prove his versatility and musical artistry in just about every The Boyz performance and album to date. Now we can’t list every verse of his, even though they’re all amazing. So, we narrowed it down to seven, which was truthfully quite painful, because how could we choose just seven? But let’s get right into it!

Sunwoo Best Raps
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1. ‘Full DaSH’

We’re starting off with one of the coolest collaboration performances that could have come out of Kingdom. iKON’s Bobby, SF9‘s Hwiyoung, and Sunwoo teamed up for a rap performance for one of the rounds of Kingdom and honestly, it left us speechless. It was truly unforgettable, especially for Hwiyoung and Sunwoo, who got to work with Bobby, their own idol. The three of them wrote and produced the song together, each rapper writing the lyrics to his own verse.

Sunwoo comes onto the second verse spitting fire, making sure we’re both watching and listening to him (note: we definitely are). He seamlessly changes his flow for the second half of his verse right before the chorus starts again. His verse was powerful, confident, playful, and wholly Sunwoo. He really put his whole foot into his verse and made sure to leave the audience with a lasting impression of his skills. (Also, this is his fastest rap to date; he hit 8.38 syllables per second in this verse. WOW). We couldn’t be more proud!

2. ‘Giddy Up’

Alright, we’re taking it back to a The Boyz cult classic with ‘Giddy Up.’ Sunwoo doesn’t pop up until the bridge, but he takes the 17 seconds he has and leaves our heads spinning with his incredible delivery. His verse makes ‘Giddy Up’ even more hype and fun to listen to. Once again, he seamlessly switches up his flow and proves that he’s got the skills to be the main rapper of The Boyz. His natural, boyish charm shines in this verse and you can’t help but smile as you listen to him rap. This verse has a flair that is unique to Sunwoo. What an icon.

3. ‘Breaking Dawn'(…Both Verses)

Yes, both verses, don’t look at us like that. The first verse he delivers comes right after Eric’s verse, which is sort of hushed (his voice is quieter and lower), but builds up the tension. Sunwoo follows right after and his flow is explosive and dynamic, and having only the drums backing him up (which he matches the beats with) further adds to how incredible this verse is. Every syllable is powerful, and we can truly see how sharp-tongued Sunwoo is (depending on the occasion). The second verse he has in the bridge keeps the momentum of his first verse, never faltering once. Let us breathe, boy!

4. ‘One Person (사람 하나)’

This track comes straight from The Boyz’ SoundCloud, where members release their own self-written solo tracks from time to time. Sunwoo has released two tracks prior to this one, but this is his most recent (that is if he doesn’t drop another track today for his birthday). He worked on this track with Onewe’s CyA, and if you didn’t know, they are actually best friends and former schoolmates (so cute)! While CyA also impresses us with his own rap skills, Sunwoo truly dazzles on this track with not just his rapping, but his sweet vocals as well. Here his verse shows his playful side again, but his wordplay is also something to note! You truly get to see just what he brings to the table with his lyrical prowess. Chef’s kiss.

5. ‘Monster (Stormborn)’

Okay, now, let’s take a breath. Ready? Great. We’re taking it back to another Kingdom performance that left us in awe of The Boyz: EXO’s ‘Monster,’ with a cinematic spin. Sunwoo also wrote his own verse for this rendition of ‘Monster,’ which he performs after coming out of a giant snake (still super cool). It’s a quick verse, but he manages to rattle off 7.38 syllables per second within the 14-second window he has to deliver this flawless verse. All while dancing with high energy on this stage…and looking so good doing it. If there’s one thing we trust Sunwoo to do, it’s to be on the offense with his raps and secure our attention on him.

6. ‘Espionage’ (First Verse)

Next, we have ‘Espionage,’ a b-side off of The Boyz’s first Japanese mini-album: Tattoo (don’t worry…you’ll see what’s next). ‘Espionage’ is a little bit more laid back, not so much slow, but a nice little bop (personally, we think it’s a good driving song, but we digress). With that said, Sunwoo’s flow here matches the tempo and vibe of the song, opting to take it down a few notches. The way he delivers it is still imbued with his charisma, and we have to take note of the way he plays with his voice throughout the verse as well, especially when he raps, “What is love?/It’s just stories/On you love is Espionage.” He also has a bit of wordplay at the end of this verse and overall, it’s just a great verse!

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7. ‘Tattoo’ But Specifically The Bridge

Did you really think we would leave his ‘Tattoo’ verse off this list 🤨 ? This verse is a part of the Sunwoo Essential Rap Kit™, there’s no way we could forget about it! Where do we even begin? This verse comes right after New finishes off the vocal portion of the bridge and in comes Sunwoo, once again delivering this verse in rapid-fire. Listen…he doesn’t even take a break to breathe until the end of this verse…are we kidding? Additionally, he raps at 7 syllables per second here, which is insane! Seriously, was the recording microphone on fire after he finished recording it? This is not only one of his best verses, but most certainly one of his coolest. Sunwoo’s got bars, for real.

Our Most Talented Berry

And that brings us to a close. As we mentioned before, this list could honestly be so much longer, but we’d much rather you spend your time listening to The Boyz and Sunwoo’s work to get a better glimpse of his talent. We’d like to give some honorable mentions to *checks list*: ‘Shake You Down,’ ‘Daydream,’ ‘The Stealer,’ ‘Kiss Me If You Can,’ ‘Drink It,’ ‘Echo,’ ‘Photosynthesis’ (his own song), and ‘Melting Heart’…just to name a few. This man is insanely talented, seriously. If you think his rapping is amazing, wait until you hear his vocals. We cannot wait to see what he does next!

Now we want to compare our lists to yours. Which of his verses do you love the most? No, you can’t say all of them if we can’t. Or if you just want to fangirl and cry about him, that’s fine too; we’ll probably be doing the same. Come tell us in the comments, or on Twitter, @TheHoneyPop, Instagram, or Facebook! Until next time, we love you berry much, Sunwoo!

Sunwoo Rap Verses
Image Source: Tenor


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