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Carrie Underwood Puts On Denim & Rhinestones For Her New Album!

Carrie Underwood Puts On Denim & Rhinestones For Her New Album!

Carrie Underwood Denim & Rhinestones

Carrie Underwood is embracing her new musical era as she spruces up in Denim & Rhinestones, glimmering in luster and relishing in exquisite glamour from head to toe.

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Our hearts are soaring with joy to announce that 8-time GRAMMY-winning artist Carrie Underwood, one of the biggest country music sensations, is preparing herself to dazzle her fans with her ninth studio album, Denim & Rhinestones, this summer. If you are just as enthusiastic as we are about the new music, here’s what you all need to know!

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Denim & Rhinestones: Album Release

After spawning a string of smashing hits one after another, Carrie is putting her best foot forward as she is finally dropping her much-awaited studio album, Denim & Rhinestones, on June 10 through Universal Music Group Nashville/Arista Nashville/Capitol Nashville. Pre-save it using the link here so you don’t miss it! You’ll also get two songs instantly as you pre-order the album now.

Carrie Underwood Denim & Rhinestones
Image Source: Randee St. Nicholas for UMG Nashville

Carrie always blows us away as an innate creative and multi-platinum legend, as well as a lifestyle brand owner and New York Times bestselling author. Talk about range! After winning American Idol in 2005, she rose to global prominence and emerged as a powerhouse in country music. Her giant accolades and massive achievements stamped on her fame passport have made her a household name whose work speaks for itself. Carrie Underwood delivered some of the most astonishing albums and smashing singles, one after the other, which we jammed, savored, and always craved more.

With every album, she dedicates herself to composing and delivering authentic country music, and her forthcoming album is no exception. For the soundscape, an array of music inspired the singer-songwriter, much of which she grew up listening to and influenced by. As Carrie stated, she had a wonderful time recording the new album and experienced significant joy.

We cover a lot of ground on this album. We have a lot of songs that have a bit of a “throwback” feel, but they sound super fresh. I grew up listening to so many different kinds of music and that is extremely evident in this body of work. These are musical influences that are all in me and working their way out, and I just decided this time not to get in their way. I think this whole album ended up being a big reflection of me as a person and as an artist.

Carrie Underwood on Denim & Rhinestones

We absolutely cannot wait to hear what this masterpiece has in store for us. Our ears are tingling!

‘Denim & Rhinestones’

The title track, ‘Denim & Rhinestones,’ is an 80s-inspired, feel-good tune adorned with powerhouse vocals and groovy, gratifying lyrics that make us want to wear our dancing shoes as the single is already soaring to new heights. It’s co-written with David Garcia, Josh Kear, and Hillary Lindsey, and weaves together plenty of super fun elements with a retro feel and a jazzy chorus, already making it a hit among her fans.

Image Source: Carrie Underwood via Instagram

“You’re the smooth and I’m the shine/ We’re the neon dancing all night
Denim and rhinestones
You’re the cool and I’m the fire/ No, we’re never going out of style”

Lyrically, Carrie builds picture-perfect imagery of a flawless relationship that feels like a fairytale, with cute references that go from “Tennessee and a bottle of Jack” to “Dolly [Parton] and a tape deck,” “Mama and the kitchen” to “Sweet tea and lemon,” and, of course, “Denim and Rhinestones.”

Image Source: Carrie Underwood via Instagram

The song is super fun, with a bit of a retro vibe – we just go together, like a sweet tea and a lemon, like denim and rhinestones. You have these things that are great on their own and then you put them together and they just fit. That’s how this album feels.

Carrie Underwood

Watch the sparkling official lyric video studded with real rhinestones!

‘Ghost Story’

The 2022 GRAMMY Awards saw Carrie Underwood perform the album’s lead single, ‘Ghost Story,’ as well as celebrating her massive win for Best Roots Gospel Album for her most extensive project yet: My Savior

Image Source: Carrie Underwood via Instagram

Both fans and critics have lauded the single and its ear-warming, smooth country-pop vibes adorned with her sultry, velvety vocals. It’s garnered over 10.5 million streams and counting, and it’s no wonder why!

Keeping with its eerie title, Carrie promises to haunt her ex-lover as she croons, “You are gonna see a shadow / Midnight playing tricks with your head / A silhouette float down the hallway / And you will reach for the light by your bed.” The beguiling chorus keeps up with the narrative as she continues, “I am gonna be your ghost story / That keeping-you-up-all-night memory / I will be haunting you, you will be wanting me / I am gonna be your ghost story.”

Do you have goosebumps too?

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Cover Art!

We are in love with this cover art, as it captures the essence of both the singer and the album. Is it the vibrant color palette with the sexiest holographic hues of pink, purple, black, and blue? Or perhaps the flawless beauty of our beloved Carrie Underwood, looking gorgeous, donning a strappy-denim dress with a custom denim jacket embellished with rhinestone fringes? Or maybe it’s the spectacular diamond-encrusted fitting backdrop in sync with the energetic mood and lively, colorful atmosphere?

See Also

Carrie Underwood Denim and Rhinestones
Image Source: Randee St. Nicholas for UMG Nashville

Think about Carrie’s recent outfits at various events and performances and tell us: were they dropping hints for her album title all this time and teasing us? She glistens like the ultimate diva in a flurry of rhinestones, denim, and vibrant blue hues, as well as a wide array of colors.

Image Source: Carrie Underwood via Instagram

The Tracklist!

Take a look at how Carrie Underwood rocked vibrant blue hues of strappy denim with a flurry of rhinestone fringes, sipping her ‘Pink Champagne’ while strolling ‘Faster’ through her ‘Garden’ and telling a ‘Ghost Story’ of her ‘Velvety Heartbreak’ to ‘Crazy Angels.’

Carrie comes with 12 new songs on her new album, and we are eager to hear how her story unfolds throughout. The songs already sound like the perfect recipe for the best album of 2022, and might give her another GRAMMY nomination later this year! So get ready to devour one of the most delicious meals… ah, we mean, the most fun albums ever. Check out the tracklist below:

  • ‘Denim & Rhinestones’
  • ‘Velvet Heartbreak’
  • ‘Ghost Story’
  • ‘Hate My Heart’
  • ‘Burn’
  • ‘Crazy Angels’
  • ‘Faster’
  • ‘Pink Champagne’
  • ‘Wanted Woman’
  • ‘Poor Everybody Else’
  • ‘She Don’t Know’
  • ‘Garden’


And Now, We Wait…

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