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Usher In A New ‘ERA’ With The Faim

Usher In A New ‘ERA’ With The Faim

The Faim

We love feeling inspired by music. It’s like the songs are the power-up and we’re just collecting them along the way as we navigate the game that is life. Speaking of, we’d love it if someone changed our setting to easy mode, thx. Much like in media, life has chapters. When one ends, another one begins, and we keep moving forward. The Faim’s new track ‘ERA’ is all about that: ending one “era” of your life and moving on to the next.

We think it’s a nice sentiment and the song reflects it really well, too. ‘ERA’ kind of feels like a track you might hear in the background of a coming-of-age movie. Can’t you picture it? The main character has reached a pivotal point in their journey and The Faim provides the soundtrack with ‘ERA.’ Maybe we’ll actually get to see it one day. Hey, Hollywood, call us.

Make sure to stream ‘ERA’ right here!

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Lyrical Power-Ups

Like we said, this song feels inspiring. If you’re moving onto a new chapter or things are changing for you, ‘ERA’ is definitely the track to play to hype yourself up. We wanted to share a few of our favorite lines from the song with you that hopefully feel relatable.

“It’s been a tough few years
We’ve dried too many tears
But we got through it all the same”

These are perhaps some of the most relatable lines from the whole song. It has been a tough few years and while the struggle is still going, we did get through the tough times indeed. We love lines like this, a simple sentiment expressed through music can sometimes hit harder than anticipated, but in a good way.

“My mother taught me sometimes pain is what you need
to see the other side”

No one likes being in pain. 0/10 experience. Would not recommend. Sometimes though, going through a tough period and experiencing pain helps lead you towards something better. In the moment, it’s gonna hurt, sure, and that hurt is still valid no matter what, but (hopefully) there’s good waiting on the other side. The Faim really hit us with a reality check with this one.

“Let’s make a toast
To the good and the bad
The memories we made
The friends that we have
And lost along the way
So raise a glass and say
It’s the end of an era
And the start of another”

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It’s our crying session about being an adult and we get to pick the music. That means if we want to list the entire chorus as a standout lyric, we can do that. And that’s what we did. This truly sums up the theme of ‘ERA’ pretty well, we think. It’s that hopeful, inspiring, soaring feeling that makes us feel like we can do anything as we approach a new chapter in our lives. Everyone say thank you to The Faim for ‘ERA’ for giving us a masterpiece.

What do you think of The Faim? Which lyric of ‘ERA’ is your fave? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter! We’re always buzzing about something.

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