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8 Imagine Dragons’ Music Videos That Are Nothing But Pure Gold

8 Imagine Dragons’ Music Videos That Are Nothing But Pure Gold

Eight is a magic number. Eight holds the key to blissful happiness for every Imagine Dragons fan. And it might not be evident at first sight, but it’ll be eight that brings us the ultimate joy. We hope you’ve guessed it! July 1st will be the release date for their double album Mercury Act 1 and Act 2 (see what we did there? 🎱). By the way, the preorder is live! See if you can beat us to it here! And whether you are out there celebrating being one week down till the launch or simply blasting ‘Monday’ on this fine Monday, we’ve tailored this list for you! Let’s face it, a compilation of their top music videos was long overdue. So, without further ado, here you’ll find our own The Honey Pop-ish pick of eight Imagine Dragons music videos no fan should ever go without.

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We Need ‘Bones’ To Keep Us Steady!

The first of the many songs we’ll love from Mercury Act 2 found a new skin on this recent music video. ‘Bones’ gives us ‘Thriller’ meets old-school Wall Street, wrapped in incredible Imagine Dragons tunes. And there are seriously terrifying looks that deserve praise! So, kudos to the production team! It’s clear that our favorite band pulled all the stops with this MV!

Every ‘Believer’ Will Punch Negativity Away With This One

“First things first,” ready your punching bags! This classic, must-watch Imagine Dragons music video will test your stamina and drive. Our poetry champions and masters of sick beats challenge pain as they choreograph a boxing match. But this is no dull encounter! This one shines with colors and different shapes. “Second thing second,” indulge in this gem of a music vid.

‘Follow You’ Is Our Daily Fan Mantra

We took a left and decided this MV needed to be on the list. The fun, uncomplicated concept behind it was a win for us ever since its release! And we can relate! Imagine Dragons makes every fan feel unique and appreciated. So, whether you see yourself reflected on their talents or only wish for their attention, their musical magic will enrapture you big time.

We’re Awakening To Our ‘Radioactive’ Love For Imagine Dragons

This music video captured our hearts as we saw an underdog beat the odds! The visuals are intoxicating, and the story has us sitting on the edge of our seats every time we play it. Imagine Dragons always knows how to hook us on a beat, make us fall for solid lyrics, and complete the experience with an MV that takes our breath away.

Fear Not ‘Demons’ But Isolation

Could we ever find a more powerful song than ‘Demons?’ We don’t want to even attempt to replace this masterpiece, because this was perhaps one of the first Imagine Dragons tunes that gave us a strong feeling of belonging. So, naturally, the music video had to appeal to that. The result outdid the challenge. An MV devoted to showing how we all carry demons inside and the silent recognition that that single truth brings all together. Give this video a try, or replay it for the millionth time. We know it’s worth it!

We’ll Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ To Support Imagine Dragons Magic

All we feel is love for Imagine Dragons. And as Dan Reynolds speeds up the verses and the song builds momentum, their magic takes hold! In ‘Whatever It Takes,’ Imagine Dragons survive the trials of earth, water, and fire. Still, all we see is the power in every beat and word. “‘Cause we love the adrenaline in our veins; we’ll do what it takes” to keep replaying this MV!

You’ll Find No ‘Enemy’ Here

This addition to the ranking was a tremendously easy choice. ‘Enemy’ has all the elements of a legendary single, alongside an equally mesmerizing MV. The studio that gave us this mind-blowing visual experience; even went out of its way to turn our musical heroes into striking characters of Arcane: League of Legends. Let’s talk about healthy obsessions… this is ours!

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‘Thunder’ Is Nowhere Close To Being As Loud As Our Hype!

As we round up this list of majestic Imagine Dragons music videos, we decide to close with a bang! Or better yet, with ‘Thunder!’ And this one is pretty emblematic with its many shades of gray. But soon, we find many layers of epic in this MV. A celebration of being your own brand of unique. Check it out!

So, that’s a wrap! Did you enjoy this Imagine Dragons MV selection? We had to make some tough choices, but we feel confident that a part two to this list is coming soon. Would you be up for that? We would love to hear what you have to say! You can catch us in the comments section below or through TwitterFacebook, and Instagram!

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