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Dreamcatcher Welcome Us to a New World with ‘MAISON’

Dreamcatcher Welcome Us to a New World with ‘MAISON’

Dystopia : The Tree of Language wasn’t only Dreamcatcher’s first full-length album, but also the beginning of their Dystopia trilogy. Two years later, Dreamcatcher are releasing their second full-length album with the title track ‘MAISON’ and starting a brand new series: Apocalypse. This second full-length album is everything we love about Dreamcatcher and so much more. As always, they’re bringing new, fresh and original music to the table and we couldn’t be loving it more.

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‘MAISON’ is quite different from Dreamcatcher‘s usual title track. It does have that heavy instrumental one would expect from Dreamcatcher, as they mix rock and electronic to create this song worth head-banging to. But it breaks with the formula that some of their title tracks have. It has an incredible edge to it and definitely has that post-apocalyptic feel to it even without reading the lyrics. But actually, the lyrics are quite important because this time, Dreamcatcher raise awareness about global warming and call out the people that act as if nothing was happening. The bridge is quite surprising and it puts the song on a whole other level, creating this incredibly powerful outro that literally gives us chills.

The music video, of course, portrays a post-apocalyptic world where Earth has been destroyed by the consequences of global warming. They use CG to create this world and it looks incredible. Eventually, in their reality, the only place they can live in is heaven, but it serves as a message that it isn’t too late for our reality yet. Dreamcatcher really went all out to carry this important message in their music and they did it wonderfully, creating something truly special.

The B-Sides

‘MAISON’ isn’t the only memorable thing from Dreamcatcher’s Apocalypse : Save Us – far from it. ‘Locked Inside A Door’ is one of the best songs on the album, and a highlight in their entire discography. The instrumental is absolutely insane as it literally feels like you have the live band in front of you. It takes influence in rock music, funk, and even a bit of jazz – it is so unique and amazing. Their vocals serve it so incredibly well and it’s just mind-blowing. It’s so subtle and powerful. It’s a song only Dreamcatcher could make.

On their other b-sides, Dreamcatcher take a spin on the retro trend with ‘Starlight’ and ‘Together.’ The fourth track in the album, ‘Starlight,’ is hopeful yet has some touch of bittersweetness to it. Meanwhile, ‘Together’ is brighter and more influenced by deep house. And of course, the last OT7 track on the album is the beautifully heartfelt ‘Always,’ which might be of their best ballads yet. There’s something about the vocals, the melodies, and the meaning behind the lyrics that make this one feel extra special.

They’re followed by a skit, ‘Skit: The Seven Door,’ that serves as an interlude to seven very different songs: their solo songs.

The Solo Songs

When the tracklist for Dreamcatcher’s second full-length album was released, we had the pleasant surprise that every single member had their solo song, and they all had a part in the making of said song. Each song showcases their individual personalities and talents so incredibly well. So here are the seven tracks in question!

‘Cherry (Real Miracle)’ by JiU and ‘Playground’ by Gahyeon are the first and last songs of the solos – arranged according to their age. Both songs are extremely fun, bright and playful. While JiU’s song is named after and dedicated to her dog, Gahyeon looks back to her childhood in her song.

SuA’s solo, ‘No Dot,’ is completely different from that. It is dark, powerful and full of attitude – in other words, it’s badass. It showcases some kind of duality with on one hand those blunt verses and that sweeter pop melody in the pre-chorus. In that same badass vibe, we have Dami’s solo song ‘Beauty Full,’ in which she embraces her inner Avril Lavigne, to say the least. It’s fun, carefree, and full of confidence, and we’re absolutely obsessed with it. She really owned it.

Siyeon and Handong’s solo songs are both ballads – but very different, for that matter. ‘Entrance’ by Siyeon feels magical and it makes sense as the lyrics are about wondering what would be left of her dream once she wakes up. ‘Winter’ by Handong is a nostalgic song about trying to let go – and it gets even more touching when she closes off by singing the chorus in Chinese, her native language, in acapella. Yoohyeon’s solo, ‘For,’ is a song almost entirely in English. This jazzy song showcases the duality and power of her vocals spectacularly. It is quite incredible to listen to.

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Image Source: Dreamcatcher Company

Dreamcatcher went for something different with this comeback and they didn’t hold back – it’s new, it’s fresh, it’s original, it’s Dreamcatcher. ‘MAISON’ carries such an important message, and it’s amazing to see them release this type of music. And the b-sides on this long-awaited second full-length album are simply incredible and did not let us down. Dreamcatcher keep killing it with every single release – ‘MAISON’ is proof of it – and we’ll always be here for it.

How much did you love ‘MAISON’? What was your favorite song in Apocalypse : Save Us? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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