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Get To Know Our New Percy Jackson, Walker Scobell

Get To Know Our New Percy Jackson, Walker Scobell

Demigods rejoice! It’s time to meet our new Percy Jackson, who is played by none other than Walker Scobell. If he looks familiar to you, it’s because you may have seen him in Netflix‘s sci-fi adventure movie The Adam Project back in March. Well, now Walker is playing our lovable and snarky young hero in the Disney+ Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series, and we’re so happy for him! We can’t wait for him to grace our screens!

Walker Scobell
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So in honor of the announcement, let’s get to know our new Percy Jackson, Walker Scobell, shall we?

He’s A PJO Fan Just Like Us!

Yep, Walker is a fellow demigod! According to Rick Riordan’s website (which you should follow, fyi), Scobell has read all the Percy Jackson books, starting from The Lightning Thief up until the Trials of Apollo. And he certainly likes to show it, too! When Riordan had to deliver the news about Walker getting the part in January, Walker was already repping Camp Half-Blood pride by wearing the iconic orange T-shirt. Talk about a happy coincidence!

Walker Scobell, Percy Jackson, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Rick Riordan
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Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Walker also had Annabeth’s famous Yankees cap for the cast chemistry reading in California, back in February. So it’s clear Scobell knows his stuff, and he’s not afraid to show his knowledge of all things Percy Jackson, just like us!

He’s Also A Huge Fan Of Superheroes!

Which is fitting, considering he is going to play one! Walker’s favorite movies are Deadpool, Spider-Man, and The Avengers. According to Entertainment Weekly, Walker would watch Deadpool 2 before every audition and now he is basically a master when it comes to reciting speeches from the hero. Don’t believe us? Well, you can watch him do it right down below.

Walker’s love for heroes technically goes even deeper. He was just five years old when he found out that his favorite superhero, Iron Man, was actually an actor playing the role. It’s then that he decided he wanted to be an actor, with his reasoning being that he couldn’t be a superhero in real life. But, he could play one! And hey, looks like Walker’s wish came true considering he’s playing Percy Jackson, our favorite hero!

The Adam Project Was His First Acting Role And It Won’t Be His Last

Image Source: Doane Gregory for Netflix

Yep, turns out The Adam Project was Walker’s first acting gig. We don’t know about you guys, but we think that’s pretty awesome considering he got to act alongside Ryan Reynolds, who played Deadpool! However, Walker’s acting career won’t just stop there!

We already know Walker is going to be in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series, but he’ll also be in the upcoming superhero movie Secret Headquarters. The movie is expected to be released in August 2022, so make sure to mark your calendars.

Walker Can Do His Own Stunts

If you didn’t already know, Walker actually can do some of his own stunts. It is only a given being that he is a pretty athletic kid. Walker is really into skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, lacrosse, and swimming. We’re pretty sure all of his time being active really helped him perform some of the stunts he did in The Adam Project. And we’re guessing that he’ll be doing some more cool stunts as Percy in the upcoming Disney+ show!

Figures crossed for a bunch of epic sword fights and underwater scenes!

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And that’s that about Walker Scobell! We haven’t even seen him on screen yet and we are already stans. Excited to see Walker play Percy Jackson? And who are you expecting to play our wise girl, Annabeth, and Grover, the G-man? Let’s chat all about us in the comments! You can also catch us over at our Twitter, Instagram, and, yes, even Facebook!

For more streaming news and things to watch, buzz on over here! Or if books are more your thing, we got you right over here, our little bumblebee!


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