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ONEW Rolls The DICE With His New EP: Here’s Our Dive Into Each Track

ONEW Rolls The DICE With His New EP: Here’s Our Dive Into Each Track

“Love’s like a rolling dice,” Shawols, and we made the right choice betting our love on ONEW’s new EP, DICE! The leader of the legendary K-Pop super-group SHINee has dropped his long-awaited second EP and, no, we haven’t fully recovered yet. Can you believe it’s been over three years since the release of his first EP VOICE? Well, our wait has finally ended and we couldn’t have been more excited to hear his latest solo songs! 

DICE brings styles of music we haven’t heard from soloist ONEW before, and we are losing our minds. With each track, he brings his signature smooth vocal control. His EP, consisting of a unique blend of pop, lo-fi, and R&B, is already a K-Pop classic in our heart-shaped eyes. 

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Seriously, this man cannot miss and we’ll prove it with our dive into each track 💎. Listen to DICE on your favorite platform and add it to your playlists here


“Start rolling dice
Thrown at you, all my heart
Forget about winning and losing
I fall deeper
Wherever the end is
I could never let go”

In the stunning music video, ONEW sets off on an adventure to save a woman he’s fallen for and we’re gladly along for the ride! The title track is about rolling the dice on love, and what can we say except we’ve already fallen?

‘DICE’ is nothing like we were expecting – the eccentric musical elements and his beautiful vocals blend perfectly and keep us grooving the entire time. The fun twist of his love interest saving herself and running away with him was brilliant and the icing on the cake of his topsy turvy escapade. 


This cheerful and bright song is the perfect way to start our spring. He mentions piña coladas, the Bahamas, and Nirvana, and even sings “I just love being alone with you.” We live for the pure happiness ‘Sunshine’ gives us!

‘On the way’

“Can you tell me
I’m on the way”

This is one song you won’t be able to stop yourself from grooving to. The chill melody and snapping beat perfectly complement the richness of ONEW’s voice. It’s a perfectly arranged track that emotes the feeling of a laid-back Sunday afternoon.

‘Love Phobia’

“Lose love
I won’t lose love
I don’t wanna lose, lose you”

This song is one of our favorites on DICE. Of all the genres ONEW plays with on his EP, the low-fi angsty vibe of ‘Love Phobia’ plays to his strengths in a way that sets it apart from the others, especially on the chorus.

‘여우비 (Yeowoobi)’

“Your love takes me higher than I’ve never been” 

Okay, we’re here to warn you that this dream-like song will absolutely get stuck in your head. The track feels experimental with bouncy metallic samples looped in the background, while ONEW’s vocals cut in with the repeated phrase “Your love takes me higher than I’ve never been.” The result is striking and lovely.

‘In the whale’

Here at THP, we love lyricist ONEW and this song he co-wrote is a golden reason why. We can’t get over how his lower register and the beautiful synthesizers pair up on this track.

Mini Press Conference

“I wanted to show that I’m a person who can try new things and show performances. If I were to express it in one way, I think it was diversity. Because of me…I think I wanted to create diversity in the things that I do in the future.”


Check out this mini press conference hosted by SHINee’s brilliantly talented main rapper, Minho. ONEW divulges some neat behind-the-scenes info on DICE!

Midnight Sun

Even more exciting news arrived when official SHINee socials announced ONEW will be reprising his role of Jeong Haram in the acclaimed musical, Midnight Sun. If you happen to live in Seoul or find yourself visiting, be sure to snag your seats, and don’t miss your chance to catch musical actor ONEW live!

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Forecasting Love & Weather OST

For all you K-Drama lovers out there, ONEW recently released a single as part of the Forecasting Love & Weather OST. It matches the sweet moments from the drama perfectly if we do say so ourselves. 

It’s obvious that ONEW came to crush it with DICE and he has definitely succeeded. From romantic songs to tracks that delve into loneliness, he covered a lot of ground and we can’t stop hitting ‘Replay’ 👀.

Considering how he showed off new and different sides of his musical artistry, we’re curious which genres he may try out next… ONEW’s charms are as endless as Shawols’ adoration for our all-rounder leader. Now, go and listen to DICE – we promise it’ll be the best decision you’ll make all week! 

Image Source: Wattpad

Shawols and MVPs, which DICE track is your favorite? What part of the ‘DICE’ music video did you love the most? Tell us in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook

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