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Say ‘Bonjour’ To These 6 New Songs You’ll Fall In Love With

Say ‘Bonjour’ To These 6 New Songs You’ll Fall In Love With

With every day that passes, we get another day full of incredible new releases! And lucky for us, some of our favorite artists have recently brought their A-game. With immaculate team-ups and remarkable solo songs that pull at our heartstrings, there’s no shortage of amazing music for us (and you) to check out. So here are some of our recent faves that you should add to your rotation!

NO1-NOAH & Summer Walker – ‘Bonjour’

From the moment you press play on ‘Bonjour,’ you’ll be instantly drawn in by its alluring R&B sound and NOAH’s slick vocals. And don’t get us started on when Summer Walker jumps in with her velvety voice! This is a collab we never knew we needed, but now it’s all we want to listen to. We need someone to make a version of this song in 8D audio immediately, please.

eaJ – ‘Car Crash’

Perfect for that light summer vibe Post Malone channeled on ‘Circles,’ eaJ makes his solo debut apart from Day6 with ‘Car Crash!’ It details a back-and-forth relationship over a slick guitar line that gives us such a fun throwback feel. eaJ’s vocals are absolutely stunning on this track, capturing the raw emotion of the lyrics while also building an airy, upbeat atmosphere. This is the ultimate windows-down car ride anthem! Just keep your eyes on the road and don’t get into a ‘Car Crash.’

‘Car Crash’ wasn’t written with the purpose of breaking off solo. It was because I needed a festival song for Head In The Clouds. It went from being just a song to jump and have fun with the crowd on stage, to becoming my first ever real release.


Rxseboy – ‘Nice To Meet Me’ (Feat. AU/RA)

Rxseboy’s confident rap delivery meets Au/Ra’s ethereal vocals on ‘Nice To Meet Me,’ an introspective track that flickers between hopeful optimism for the future and an expression of the insecurities we wouldn’t dare tell anyone except ourselves. The back-and-forth perfectly captures what it feels like to be on top of the world one moment and crying on the floor the next, especially in such a turbulent time in everyone’s lives.

We all get moments of insecurity, and we’re all so multifaceted. Sometimes every day feels the same, and sometimes I wake up and look in the mirror, like, ‘WHO is that?’ This song really reflects on the effort it takes to be a functional human. It can be EXHAUSTING. So glad I got to be a part of this song with Rxseboy.


Avi Kaplan – ‘On My Way’

It’s no secret that artists have to stay on their toes, whether they’re touring or recording new music. And that means staying away from their families, which we could only imagine is incredibly difficult. Avi Kaplan turns that pain into a masterpiece on the gentle guitar ballad ‘On My Way,’ an introspective track about his close relationship with his relatives. We love that he put a more optimistic spin on missing them! We’re sure his family absolutely adores this song.

Over the course of my life I’ve spent a lot of time away from my family. I miss them deeply always, but sometimes it hits me harder than others. It was one of those days when I wrote ‘On My Way.’ Oftentimes when I’m feeling something intensely I’ll grab my guitar and see what comes out. This song flowed out of me quicker than most. Each verse is a letter to my family. My mother, father, sister and brother. This song is very dear to my heart and I’m so happy to be able to share it with the world.

Avi Kaplan

TOKiMONSTA x morgxn – ‘Loved By U’

Two of our favorite underrated artists on one track? Yes, please! ‘Loved By U’ is, simply put, a bop. It’s all about wanting a pure, passionate connection with someone in spite of the risks of heartbreak and getting hurt. It gives us similar vibes to Hunter Hayes’ ‘Somebody’s Heartbreak,’ with a more modern feel and upbeat pop beats. And finding out about the song’s link to Charli XCX in the quote below brought our love for it to a whole new level! 

See Also

A collaboration between me and TOKiMONSTA actually began at a Halloween party hosted by Charli XCX. Fast forward to the pandemic and I sent her this very special song I had written in London just before the lockdown, and she resonated with the message and the lyrics. I think after the last 2 years, the idea of craving touch that feels euphoric and cathartic is what this song is about.


Ellevator – ‘Party Trick’

You know that feeling of existential dread and insecure sadness that Lorde’s ‘Liability’ never fails to stir up? ‘Party Trick’ affects us in such a similar way with more of a pop-country vibe. Seriously, every lyric hits us right in the heart and makes us want to go back to our old selves and tell them to take things as slowly as they need. Life moves fast, and you need to absorb every moment you can! You also need to absorb Ellevator’s debut album when it comes out on May 6th – be sure to pre-save it on their website!

A friend said to me that being in a band means never growing up. It’s easy to feel like Peter Pan on tour, all the trappings of adulthood a hundred truck stops and a thousand miles in the rearview. I started writing this song to my teenage self: a flighty, insecure kid posturing confidence. I’d jump around to all the different cliques like a self-styled Ferris Bueller, leaving just before friendships could settle in. Being on the road brought out those same old tendencies.

Nabi Sue Bersche

Our ‘Party Trick’ might just be recommending new songs! We hope you enjoy these, and we wanna hear all about your thoughts. Which playlists are you adding these tracks to? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more music recs you can’t miss, click here.

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