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New Music Weekly: Big Time Rush, G-Eazy and More!

New Music Weekly: Big Time Rush, G-Eazy and More!

Somehow we’ve been transported back to 2010 and get to write about new Big Time Rush music, we are truly living the dream. We’ve got so many incredible tracks for you on this week’s New Music Weekly, let’s get into it so you can get to listening!

Rainlights – ‘When My Phone Dies’

We are starting New Music Weekly off right! We’ve got a debut single from Rainlights! ‘When My Phone Dies’ has put our heads in the clouds. The track is so ethereal and showcases beautifully what a unique voice Rainlights has. ‘When My Phone Dies’ is all about living outside of the distractions that having technology provides, we can relate all too well.

Listen to ‘When My Phone Dies’ now!

Templemind – ‘Union Divine’

‘Union Divine’ is here to make you fall in love with Templemind. ‘Union Divine’ is an alt-rock fans dream, but soft enough for anyone that is a new fan to ease them in. Templemind is definitely an artist we all need to have our eyes on!

Listen to ‘Union Divine’ here!

Kirsty Grant – ‘Quick Fix’

We know you all love finding a new pop artist as much as we do, so allow us to introduce you to Kirsty Grant! Her newest single ‘Quick Fix’ is a soft, yet emotionally driven song that tells a tale of a broken relationship. So many of us can relate to these words, which makes ‘Quick Fix’ the newest track to go on our playlist for crying in the shower.

Listen to ‘Quick Fix’ here!

Amelia Moore – ‘crybaby’

Alt-pop is a genre that blows us away, largely because of the unique sounds yet unreal vocals that exist within those artists. Amelia Moore is no exception. Throughout ‘crybaby’ we found ourselves having to go back to listen to so many vocal moments again because we were that shocked. We need to hear ‘crybaby’ live ASAP! Amelia Moore is coming to take over the scene and we’re here for it!

Listen to ‘crybaby’ here!

Yxngxr1 – ‘Nice Guy’

Excuse us, we are going to be listening to ‘Nice Guy’ on a permanent loop. We did not expect to love this track as much as we do, but Yxngxr1 has gained stans in us! The song feels so soft yet so bright, and the mesh of Morgan’s voice with Yxngrx1’s is so incredibly beautiful.

Listen to ‘Nice Guy’ here!

ayokay – ‘If That’s What You Need’

ayokay never fails to blow us away with his artistry. The story he has managed to paint with these tracks that are forming to make up the album, Digital Dreamscape, puts ayokay on a whole other level. While we’ve loved the other tracks off the future record, ‘If That’s What You Need’ may just be our favorite so far. The track feels sun-soaked, perfect for summer.

Listen to ‘If That’s What You Need’ here!

Mad Kelly – ‘Hostage’

Anytime we see someone reviving 2000s rock, we’re going to jump on board. Especially when that artist is doing it as well as Mad Kelly. ‘Hostage’ is a straight-up jam. From the insane vocal abilities showcased, to the nostalgic feel of the music itself, we’re obsessed.

Listen to ‘Hostage’ here!

TEDDY SWIMS – ‘dose’

TEDDY SWIMS has one of those voices that is instantly recognizable, and insanely powerful. ‘dose’ sounds like pure joy, it’s a departure from a lot of the more heavy songs we’ve gotten from TEDDY SWIMS. We can easily couples everywhere relating to ‘dose’ and see fans making it a staple on playlists. We know we will be.

Listen to ‘dose’ here!

Ricky Montgomery – It’s 2016 Somewhere

Ricky Montgomery has quickly become one of our favorite artists on the scene. He’s genuinely found his sweet spot within the indie music genre, and his newest EP, It’s 2016 Somewhere’ is the perfect example of our point. The EP features five new tracks as well as two acoustic versions of previous fan favorites, its front-to-back incredible.

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‘Settle Down,’ the current single, makes us feel like we’re in a coming-of-age movie, and we are here for it.

Listen to It’s 2016 Somewhere here!

Big Time Rush – ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ (acoustic)

No, you haven’t entered a time machine and been transported back to simpler times, Big Time Rush actually just released an acoustic version of ‘Music Sounds Better With You.’ We couldn’t help but smile so big and sing along while listening to this song that we’ve loved for years. Hearing this song with the matured vocals of the four guys is everything we could have hoped for.

Listen to ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ here!

G-Eazy – ‘Angel’

‘Angel’ is such an emotionally charged track, showing us a new side of G-Eazy. The track comes after his mom’s passing last year and is the most beautiful way we can think of to honor someone who was a huge part of his life. With Mothers Day right around the corner, ‘Angel’ has come into our lives at the perfect time. What an incredible opportunity for us all to reflect on the mother figures in our lives.

Listen to ‘Angel’ here!

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track on this week’s New Music Weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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