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5 Sadie Sink Roles You May Have Forgotten About

5 Sadie Sink Roles You May Have Forgotten About

We love to uplift people here at THP, it’s kind of what we do! With so much going on in her career right now, we wanted to take a second to appreciate the wonderful Sadie Sink. Kind, compassionate, and a champion for the environment, Sadie really is an incredibly positive role model for young people around the globe and it is her acting career that has allowed her to shine so brightly. Whether you’re a die-hard Sadie fan or new to the club, let’s take a look at some of Sadie’s most iconic roles that you might have forgotten about!

Ziggy Berman In Fear Street: Part Two – 1978

In 2021, Netflix took the horror world by storm, releasing its Fear Street trilogy. And who should be right in the middle of it? Our girl Sadie of course. The film takes place in Camp Nightwing in 1978 where a group of teens have to try and survive a possessed counselor’s murder spree. It’s a gruesome slasher, reminiscent of Friday 13th and it kept us on the edge of our seats. Sadie’s character Ziggy was strong, sassy, and rebellious and we loved every gory minute of it. But did Ziggy survive? You’ll just have to go watch the trilogy here!

Her In All Too Well: The Short Film

All Too Well: The Short Film delivered the long-awaited music video for one of Taylor Swift’s most iconic songs. Swifties had been waiting a long time for this moment and Sadie was the perfect leading lady. Her performance alongside Dylan O’Brien in ATW has been praised by fans and rightfully so. The first time we saw the video we were absolutely floored. Sadie really captured the love, longing, and heartbreak of her character, she made us feel every emotion with her.

We went through a roller coaster in those 15 minutes and Sadie’s performance really blew us away. Taylor and Sadie really made us hate Dylan O’Brien there for a minute, now that takes talent because who could hate that sunshine man? We really believed it. We’d love to see Sadie and Dylan working together again someday as they’re both such positive people and bright talents. Hopefully less heartbreak next time!

Offscreen Roles

Something you may not know about Sadie is that she’s been in a number of off-screen productions, plays, and musicals. Some of the highlights of these include a stint in The Audience where she played the role of young Queen Elizabeth II alongside the legendary Helen Mirren! And how could we possibly forget her performance in Annie on Broadway?! Take a moment to watch a young Sadie’s rendition of ‘Tomorrow,’ it might just be the cutest and most heartwarming thing you’ll see today. Also, she may be little but the vocals are fierce. Go mini Sadie!

Young Lori In The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle is based on a memoir of an American author and journalist named Jeannette Walls. It tells the story of the upbringing of her and her siblings with their inattentive and at times destructive parents. Sadie plays a younger version of Jeannette’s loving and protective sister Lori. The film is packed with stars including Woody Harrelson, Brie Larson, and Naomi Watts, which says a lot about the quality of the film and the acting. Sadie is in good company and we expect as she continues to diversify her roles and hone her craft, that she’s going to be one of the greatest acting talents of her generation. You can find The Glass Castle for rent on Amazon Prime!

FUN FACT: Sadie was vegetarian when working on the film but was inspired by her co-star Woody Harrelson to go vegan. She’s been promoting Veganism, cruelty-free beauty, and sustainable fashion ever since and we love her for it. Let’s save the planet together!

Max Mayfield In Stranger Things

You may have seen us recently talking about our fave Stranger Things cast moments so y’all know we love a little bit of Hawkins in our lives. As much as we love the cast, it’s their performances that make the show so stellar. Sadie’s character Max Mayfield was introduced to us in Season Two and she’s firmly been a member of the party and a fan favorite ever since. Sadie really brought Max to life and we always look forward to her being on screen, especially when she teams up with Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair. What an iconic duo.

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We are so looking forward to Season Four of Stranger Things and we can’t tell you how excited we were when the trailer dropped recently. It’s looking like the spotlight is on Sadie and Max is going to have a starring role in the latest season of the sci-fi hit. If there’s one thing Sadie is good at, it’s getting deep into the emotions of her character and making you feel them with her. We all know Max has had a lot to deal with since the end of Season Three. We can’t wait to see Sadie smash it again. Catch up on Netflix and then out the epic Season Four trailer here:

Did we include your favorite Sadie Sink role? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on Twitter @TheHoneyPop. Or you can join us over on Facebook and Instagram if that’s more your speed! Let’s talk Sadie!


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