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5 Songs By Selena Gomez Your Playlist Needs!

5 Songs By Selena Gomez Your Playlist Needs!

Many of you know her as Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place. Some of you may know her as Carter from Princess Protection Program. Others may know her as Grace from Monte Carlo or Mary from Another Cinderella Story (and yes, we’re still trying to learn the choreography from that movie – if you know, you know).

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Whatever movie or TV show you saw this talented actress in, there’s no doubt that Selena Gomez formed a part of our childhoods by bringing us laughter through the characters she played. However, we’re not here to talk about her acting career – that’s a whole other article. What we will talk about is five of Selena’s songs you NEED on your playlist. Just a heads up, these may or may not be some of our personal favorites 😉

‘De Una Vez’

Starting off, we have the BEAUTIFUL work of art that is ‘De Una Vez’ from the Revelación EP. We mean, have you seen the music video?! It’s a masterpiece! The lyrics, the video, the outfit, the special effects, everything about this song makes it a song worth listening to, and it’s in Spanish! ‘De Una Vez’ is a song that talks about healing from past wounds, becoming stronger, and moving forward, which we can all relate to. If these are topics that resonate with you, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and add this song to your ‘Coming of Age,’ ‘Main Character,’ and ‘Self-Love’ playlists. 

‘Baila Conmigo’ With Rauw Alejandro

“Baila, baila, baila conmigo…” Can you tell we love Selena’s Spanish songs? Moving on to a more upbeat song we have ‘Baila Conmigo,’ the third track on the Revelación EP. This song is a MUST have on your playlist. ‘Baila Conmigo’ is a slow reggaeton type of song that you can bop your head to, dance to, sway to, whatever you prefer. The point is, this song will make you want to dance to its catchy beat. Go ahead, add this song to your reggaeton playlist!

‘Lose You To Love Me’

Don’t even get us started on this song! Once again, add these songs to your ‘Heartbreak,’ ‘Healing,’ and ‘Self-Love’ playlists. The vocals on ‘Lose You To Love Me’ really pulled at our heartstrings. For those of you who’ve been through a rough relationship, we’re sure this song really resonated with you; Selena wrote this song for people to feel hope and let them know that they will become better, more resilient versions of themselves once they pass the difficult stages of a relationship.

‘Lose You To Love Me’ was the first song she released from her uplifting Rare album. If you remember, the internet went crazy over this raw, emotional song. Not only could you feel every word Selena beautifully sang, but you could tell she put so much effort into how the music video for this song was produced to capture her vulnerability. The fact that it was shot on an iPhone 11 Pro just wraps everything together perfectly. BRB while we grab our phones and try to recreate it.

‘Cut You Off’

At this point you’ve probably noticed that our favorite types of songs are the ones that talk about healing, self-love, growth, getting out of toxic relationships (romantic or not), etc. Can you blame us though? We like songs that we can sing our heart out to, and ‘Cut You Off’ is one of those songs. This delectable track from Selena’s Rare album is a slow jam/mid-tempo song about cutting ties with relationships that are draining your energy. What’s the best way to mentally, emotionally, and physically recover from such relationships? Cutting those people off and doing what’s best for your well-being and mental health.

‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’

Last but not least, we have ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants.’ Selenators, don’t think we forgot about Selena’s old gems. We saved this song for last to (hopefully) give you some nostalgia! ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ is the first track on her For You greatest hits album that was released in 2014, and she offered it as a new gift to us before diving into some of our favorite throwbacks.

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This mid-tempo song is another one of Selena’s vulnerable songs where she sings about how complicated relationships are and how devastating it can be when you have so many emotions. You’re relying on your heart to justify those feelings despite what your mind is telling you, and sometimes you wind up in a tough place because of it. 

Alright, that wraps it up for this article. There are MANY more songs we could add to this playlist because Selena never misses, but we’ll let you dive into the rest of her amazing discography on your own. We hope you enjoy listening to these 5 songs! Let us know what your favorite song is and leave a comment below. You can also hit us up on Instagram and Twitter – be sure to follow us to stay updated with all things related to pop culture!

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