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5 Times Selena Quintanilla Proved Why She’s A Music Icon

5 Times Selena Quintanilla Proved Why She’s A Music Icon


Whether you grew up in a Latinx household or not, you know the music of Selena Quintanilla. Selena Y Los Dinos quickly catapulted to immediate success, gaining international success and selling 18 million records globally. Even receiving a GRAMMY!

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She helped open up doors and help bring attention to her and other Latinas who were taking over the Tejano genre. She was also the total package when it came to being a singer. She proved over and over again why she is and will always be a music icon. Now, if you are a dedicated fan, someone who just listens to her music, or even someone willing to learn about her- We have put together five times Selena proved she’s a music icon just for you.

Award Winning..

Let’s start off with the winnings. She first won the Tejano Music Award For Female Vocalist Of The Year nine consecutive times! Yes, you read that right, she won it nine times. But then she went on to win a GRAMMY for Best Mexican/American Album! Which you know aren’t her only awards, but they were pretty big for her and the group. She truly was a groundbreaker as well as an inspiration for young Mexican-American kids.


Image Source: Selena Quintanilla official Twitter (@SelenaLaLeyenda)

The cow-print outfit, as seen above, is just one, of the amazing outfits she would dawn while performing. Her style was always a standout and would always get her praise. And if you aren’t too familiar with the singer, you should know that she and her mother worked together to put these fits together, so really, what couldn’t she do. Other fave outfits of ours have to be the iconic purple outfit, which you see people wearing on Halloween, as well as the bustier outfit, which made for a funny scene in the movie.

Her music, obvi

Gif Source: Tenor

These tracks were amongst her most popular release, as well as some of our faves. These 10 songs would be thrown in a shuffle with other Spanish songs we would constantly hear every Saturday morning, and we just knew we were going to be helping deep clean the house. Or even Sunday mornings at the pulga. They hold a special place in our hearts, so get to it if you haven’t heard some of these tracks.

Movies & TV Shows

Speaking of the movie, there may be a chance you learned of the late singer from the 1997 movie, Selena, where it takes the viewers on a trip down memory lane from her early start to her last days. It’s really a great movie in our opinion and a must-see, and it’s also reached its 25th anniversary this year, talk about time flying by. There was also a 2020 series from Netflix, Selena: The Series, featuring Christian Serratos as the singer. What screams music icon, more than having a movie and Netflix series about your life?

Live From Astrodome

Selena’s performance from the Astrodome will forever be engraved into our memories. We got her iconic entrance of coming in on a horse-drawn carriage, the iconic purple outfit, but we also got a disco medley and the perfect washing-machine performance. It was also her last live performance. Her legacy has proven it will always live on, especially with this performance.

Gif Source: Tenor

Selena Quintanilla is a true music icon through and through. The main reason we gotta say is that even after her passing, she continues to hold a special place in those who enjoy her music, hearts, and we are some of those people. She really lit up the stage and was a true performer.

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