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Here’s Our ‘Love Theory:’ 4 Reasons Why You Should Love TAEYONG

Here’s Our ‘Love Theory:’ 4 Reasons Why You Should Love TAEYONG

There is nothing new here. Taeyong has us all in a chokehold at THP, and we couldn’t be further away from complaining about it. And you know what? We might be going down, but we are bringing you with us. Now, honestly, we could come up with 35972357829357932 reasons why you should love NCT’s Taeyong, but we would be here all day, sobbing in front of our screens. So, we decided to be more effective about it.

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Taeyong recently released his new solo project for SM Station – ‘Love Theory,’ a collaboration with Wonstein – and we haven’t stopped listening to it since it got released. But that’s okay, because we know Taeyong has that effect. Once you hear even just one of the solo songs of this talented man, you are doomed because you are going to be listening to the same song on a loop. Been there, done that with his previous solo song, ‘Long Flight.’

‘Love Theory’ is about falling in love with someone “deeply and slowly” and absolutely losing the idea of what to do about this feeling. We all can relate to this, let’s be honest, fam. We all needed a “love dictionary” or a “love theory” to tell us what to do and how to approach the person we fall for. In the song and the music video, Wonstein, the co-writer of ‘Love Theory’ (we love him so much for that), is guiding Taeyong. In a sense, you can call him the ‘Love Theory’ Professor. In the music video, he gives a four-step guide to Taeyong. Fly high to level up, confidence is the key to power up, the next stage is to attract, and finally, the ace card that gives you the perfect ending.

So, this is what we are going to do in this article. We will give you a four-step guide on why you should love Taeyong. So, here’s our ‘Love Theory if you are ready.’ Bonus points if you read this while streaming the song here.

taeyong love theory
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His Unbelievable Talent And Hardwork

Taeyong is the leader of NCT 127 and the entirety of NCT. So, you can guess he didn’t earn this position by luck. He is one of the most talented idols of his generation with his rapping, dancing, vocals, lyric writing, and stage presence. If somebody is holding the “Ace” card, this would be Taeyong, believe in us. But the areas that he surprises us every time don’t end here. Taeyong is also a producer, and he even started his own Soundcloud profile to share the songs he wrote and produced with his beloved Tyongfs and Czennies. He is a veeery good choreographer, and he proved it nicely with ‘ZOO,’ which he choreographed the performance of, and the whole dance went viral.

Image Source: Tumblr

Of course, he owns his talent to his nonstop hard work. When he first joined the company, Taeyong’s dance coach thought there was no hope that Taeyong could learn how to dance well. But with his determination and hard work, Taeyong has become one of the best dancers in the world, and it’s a fact. In NCT 127 Relay Cam Series, we see Taeyong going to the dorm to get some sleep literally at 5 AM because he spent all of his day in the studio. And this isn’t even surprising to us when you think about the man literally made three comebacks in 2020 with NCT 2020, NCT 127, and SuperM. We always appreciate Taeyong’s hard work to give his best to the fans, but we hope he is taking some time to rest once in a while and taking care of himself nicely.

He Treats His Members & Fans Like His Family

Every group has a “mom,” and in NCT, the mom is our lovely Taeyong. We swear he makes us sob on the floor every time he talks to his members or shows his affection in his own way towards his members. He continuously checks if they are doing good, they are safe and comfortable. He makes sure they stay healthy and, more importantly, happy.

Taeyong is also never afraid to show his affection and appreciation for his fans. He always tries to communicate with his beloved Tyongfs and does everything to stay connected to them. Sometimes he watches their stories when they tag him. He always checks out the fan arts and even shares some of them on his Instagram. With everything, Taeyong tries to make fans know that he loves them and appreciates them so much.

He Is The Biggest Softie Out There

When someone’s heart is full of that much love, it’s almost inevitable for them to be a huge softie. This is one of the biggest reasons why Taeyong is our “bubu” and ultimate comfort person. We still can’t quite understand how on-stage Taeyong and off-stage Taeyong are the same person.

His Beautiful Heart

We don’t want to brag about it too much because Taeyong himself chooses to do this in silence, but since his debut, he has participated in a lot of charity works. He helps schools to give scholarships to the students in need, he is a massive supporter of UNICEF, and God knows what else. We only occasionally know he is even attending charity events and doing volunteer work, and he is the biggest inspiration for Tyongfs as his fanbase donates huge amounts of money every year to different charities on Taeyong’s birthday. We love to see it!

Image Source: Tumblr

So, did our ‘Love Theory’ work? What do you love most about Taeyong? What do you think about Taeyong’s ‘Love Theory?’ We need to hear it all! Let us know in the comments below, tweet @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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