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Welcome To Lyn Lapid’s Little Island

Welcome To Lyn Lapid’s Little Island

Anytime we get to embark on a debut journey, we’re happy campers! And lucky for us, that’s what we get to do today with The Outsider! The Outsider is the debut EP coming at us from one of our favorite rising singer-songwriters, Lyn Lapid. The Outsider consists of eight tracks, putting the record on the longer side for an EP, which we will always be on board with. The EP shows off how meant for this Lyn Lapid is, and it does it beautifully. We are going to be hearing her name for a very long time, and we couldn’t be more okay with that.

To celebrate the release of The Outsider, we’re going to take you guys through our five holy grail tracks off the record.

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‘How Did I Ever’

You know when you look back on a relationship with someone and wonder how that even happened? How had you ever let them change you, and allowed yourself to love them? Lyn Lapid wrote an entire song after coming to all of those realizations. And we must say, it’s our new anthem.

‘My Little Island’

Well, ‘My Little Island’ broke our hearts. While the idea of having a place to escape the world is a beautiful thing, the lyrical content of ‘My Little Island’ is just so sad. We can hear the raw emotion coming through in Lyn’s delivery which makes those lyrics feel like even harder gut punches.

‘Off Day’

Lyn Lapid is a true songstress, there’s no denying it! ‘Off Day’ showcases her abilities both vocally and with her pen, probably the best on The Outsider. The gaslighting that happens when someone claims their sh*tty actions can be justified by saying they’re having an ‘Off Day’ is something to many of us hear and automatically relate to.

‘I Guess That Was Goodbye’

We’ve praised ‘I Guess That Was Goodbye‘ before, and we’ll do it again! This track is one of the first songs we heard from Lyn Lapid, so the song deserves all the flowers. Incredibly, words were able to be put to the feeling of realizing something is over, without actually being told they are over.

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‘Pager’ is the current focus single off of The Outsider, and that choice makes perfect sense. ‘Pager’ is all about that person that treats you awfully in the relationship, then once you are out they don’t leave you alone with attempts to get back together. We will have ‘Pager’ on the highest volume for the foreseeable future.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off of The Outsider? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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