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We Are ‘So In Love’ With These Lauv Songs

We Are ‘So In Love’ With These Lauv Songs

Lauv is back and better than ever! We have just been blessed with ‘All 4 Nothing (I’m So In Love),’ the second single off of Lauv’s upcoming record, All 4 Nothing. As always from Lauv, he has perfected the art of making love songs. While listening to ‘All 4 Nothing (I’m So In Love),’ we got to thinking about all of our favorite Lauv songs, so naturally, we decided to gush about our top five!

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Listen to ‘All 4 Nothing (I’m So In Love)’ here!

‘Fake’ Featuring Conan Gray

Fake’ is pop perfection. When we saw that Lauv was teaming up with one of our absolute favorites, Conan Gray, we knew the result of this pairing was going to be on a constant loop. Since we didn’t get to have a full-on summer last year due to the state of the world, ‘Fake’ will be on all our 2022 summer playlists.

‘I Like Me Better’

‘I Like Me Better’ is synonymous with Lauv, this track catapulted him to fame, and for that, we’re forever grateful. It’s hard not to be in an instant good mood whenever ‘I Like Me Better’ gets played. The track perfectly describes that feeling of young love, of feeling whole when you’re with that person.

‘Paris in the Rain’

One thing about Lauv, he writes the most killer love songs. If someone told us being with us felt like ‘Paris in the Rain,’ we’d marry them on the spot. Even though we are now feeling perpetually single after having this song on a loop for a good hour, we don’t regret a single moment. We will play this at a future wedding. No question.

‘Drugs & The Internet’

‘Drugs & The Internet’ is a top-tier Lauv song. The track is a very honest, yet catchy look into being a seemingly depressed introvert. While the lyrics are deep, and oh so relatable, you can’t get too sad while listening because the beat is so upbeat and makes you want to dance around and scream the words along with Lauv.

‘I’m So Tired…’ Featuring Troye Sivan

‘I’m So Tired…’ hands down is one of our favorite collaborations. Adding Troye Sivan to any song is going to automatically put said song on a whole other planet, and then when you mesh his voice with Lauv’s? Pure magic! And that chorus? One listen, and we’re singing it the rest of the day, absolute ear candy.

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