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5 Songs by Luke Combs You Need on Your Playlist

5 Songs by Luke Combs You Need on Your Playlist

Okay, so we know that country music… isn’t for everyone. However, we can probably all agree that there are some exceptions. Some songs are just so well written, with such a good beat that you can overlook the fact that it’s a country song and you can just vibe, ya know? Luke Combs is a country singer, and he’s a good one. His voice is absolutely beautiful and rumbly and delicious. His songs have that southern twang and are so well written and meaningful. These five Luke Comb songs just need to be on your playlist ASAP.

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‘Cold As You’

We don’t know who hurt Luke Combs so bad but the man can write a breakup song like no one’s business.

“A bunch of good-time numbers on the stall door
A picture of you on a dart board
Them cinder block walls ain’t ever been cleaned
Still ain’t as dirty as you done me…”

😳 Yup. But besides killer songwriting, this song is the biggest bop to ever bop. The beat is sooo good and we’ve spent many a road trip yelling the chorus with our whole chests. Add it to your playlists, we’ll wait…


‘Hurricane’ is a song that sounds like its name. The melody moves up and down and takes you all over while Luke sings about love at first sight and that feeling of being able to find love after a heartbreak. This one is for all those hopeless romantics out there – we see you and we feel you, besties. This one should be on your playlist. There’s also a music video, which you can watch here!

Us singing along to this song like:

‘Beautiful Crazy’

‘Beautiful Crazy’ is that song you listen to in the summer and dream about that perfect boyfriend, or girlfriend, or best friend, or whoever… who just appreciates you for everything and anything you are. And you know what? That’s beautiful. ‘Beautiful Crazy’ is that song you dance to outside in the rain. ‘Beautiful Crazy’ is that song that plays in the background of a teen movie while the guy looks at the girl as she laughs in slow motion. And ‘Beautiful Crazy’ is the song you dance to in the middle of the night in your kitchen… in the refrigerator light… (we tried). ‘Beautiful Crazy’ is THAT song!

‘Forever After All’

We didn’t mean for this post to get so sappy, but it’s Luke’s fault. This next song is a song dedicated to his wife, Nicole Hocking. The music video shows footage from their wedding after a little girl asks her grandfather if fairytales are real…😭 Don’t look at us, we’re crying. And you will be too when you watch!

“They say nothing lasts forever, but they ain’t seen us together
Or the way the moonlight dances in your eyes
Just a t-shirt in the kitchen with no make-up
And a million other things that I could look at my whole life
A love like that makes a man have second thoughts
Maybe some things last forever after all…”

Luke, why?! We’re screaming and crying rn, look away.

Image Source: Pinterest via @cjlzrt

‘Doin’ This’

Last on our list is ‘Doin’ This’, Luke’s latest single. The second we heard this song it had to go on our playlist. It’s so genuine and heartfelt. The song is about how singing is in Luke’s veins and he’d be singing whether or not it was his job, and since we love music so much, it just hits!

I’d still be doin’ this, if I weren’t doin’ this…”

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This song makes us think of how it feels to feel music so deeply, and appreciate it, and it’s just a beautiful song. It brings tears to our eyes and it really, truly deserves a spot on every playlist. Except maybe a workout playlist, that would be kinda weird.

Honorable Mention!

Alright, this isn’t really a Luke Combs song, but we had to include it. Luke Combs is currently on tour and while he was in the UK, he covered ‘Dive’ by Ed Sheeran. And Mr. Ed himself made an appearance on stage! Their voices sounded so good together, we just had to include the video here. Also, look at Luke with that red solo cup! He’s so iconic, we just have to stan.

Luke’s 3rd album is on its way and will be here on June 24th, so if you enjoyed any of these songs, be sure to pre-save it!

So what did you think of our roundup? Any of these songs make it onto your playlists? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop. Or hop on to Facebook and Instagram for all the pop culture news and updates!


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