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4 Things We Love About Sarcastic Sounds’ I’m A Disappointment

4 Things We Love About Sarcastic Sounds’ I’m A Disappointment

Sarcastic Sounds

Self-proclaimed disappointment Sarcastic Sounds just dropped his debut EP, I’m A Disappointment, and The Honey POP has this on repeat! The 7-track EP is a selection of songs for when you’re feeling down in the dumps. Here are 4 things we love about I’m A Disappointment

1. His Single ‘ohf*ckimnotok’

In this song, Sarcastic Sounds reflects on his life on his 21st birthday, and we can relate! ‘ohf*ckimnotok’ is relatable because as many people in Gen Z suffer from mental health issues. Not only does he acknowledge that he’s not okay, but he embraces it too! ‘ohf*ckimnotokay’ is the Gen Z anthem and raises awareness for others who feel the same way as he does. We’re hooked on this song, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

2. The Collaborations

Sarcastic Sounds has collaborations ranging from Rxseboy to Maisie Peters, and we love it! Maisie is featured on ‘Songs You’ll Never Hear,’ and we’re obsessed! Maisie also adds her flair to the song with an additional point of view, and their voices mesh perfectly in this breakup ballad! Jeremy and Rxseboy team up for their song ‘Disappointment,’ and Rxseboy adds a verse where he spits bars and relatable lyrics! “Yo, I’m a piece of sh*t, it ain’t hard to f*cking tell. In my momma crib, kinda feeling like I’m twelve.” Everyone that lives with their parents can relate! There are also collabs with Birdy, Mishaal, Claire Rosinkranz, and Clinton Kane!

3. The Production

There are many ways that we could interpret the production of this EP! We could interpret it as Jeremy masking his anxiety and sadness in a happy-go-lucky folk-pop instrumental. Or as Jeremy turning these sad and heavy subjects that make people uncomfortable into light and digestible topics. Either way, the production on this EP is phenomenal! Some songs have a happy and folk-ish type sound, like ‘Disappointment’ and ‘say goodbye’, while others are piano ballads with poppy bass lines! 

4. The Message

Jeremy talks about many things on this album, from mental health, to breakups, to existential crises. No matter what, he keeps it real and is vulnerable in all of his songs, and we love him for that! I’m A Disappointment is the soundtrack to our lives whenever things aren’t going great. It’s like Jeremy is our therapist! We know that we’re not alone in our heads because we have Jeremy’s music to make us feel understood!

I’m A Disappointment is a memorable work of art from Sarcastic Sounds, and we’re happy to let everyone know about it! What did you think of I’m A Disappointment?Let us know by tweeting us on Twitter, or in the comments on Instagram and Facebook


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