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It’s Time To ‘Settle Down’ With Ricky Montgomery’s It’s 2016 Somewhere

It’s Time To ‘Settle Down’ With Ricky Montgomery’s It’s 2016 Somewhere

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We gotta say, we’ve been in love with Ricky Montgomery and their songs since the dawn of time. Ricky’s lyrics are always so freaking sad, but the beat and backtracks are always so lovely; it’s almost bittersweet. And yes, we’re suckers for sad tracks with happy beats, so it’s no big surprise that we are a fan of everything Ricky releases.

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On the 15th, Ricky Montgomery released his latest EP, It’s 2016 Somewhere, which is an omen to his rising fame in 2016 that also rains in this new era of Ricky Montgomery. The EP consists of some new and old tracks, and you bet your butts we’ve been streaming all of them on repeat! 


1. ‘Intro’
2. ‘Talk to You’
3. ‘Sorry for Me’
4. ‘Mom (Interlude)’
5. ‘Settle Down’
6. ‘Mr. Loverman (Acoustic)’
7. ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore (Acoustic)’

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten an EP from the singer, so obviously, we are very excited to have It’s 2016 Somewhere in our hands. As we said, the EP is kinda a blast from the past, as it contains previously released tracks and acoustic versions of fan favorites ‘Mr. Loverman’ and ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore.’ And we won’t lie, our favorite track from the EP probably has to be the acoustic version of ‘Mr. Loverman’ because it never fails to make us bawl our eyes out. 

But that wasn’t our only fave from the EP – ‘Settle Down’ has to be high up on the list of our favorite Ricky Montgomery tracks. It has that Ricky touch of a really catchy backtrack with sad lyrics, our fave! But we think you’ll love it as well, as the track is centered around long-distance relationships and not knowing why it isn’t working. We know a lot of people can relate to this track, as there has been a rise in long-distance relationships as of late. So if you have just found yourself recently falling out of a long-distance relationship, or even just a relationship that didn’t end up working out, this one is for you.

Ah, Ricky, where would we be without your music to take with us through our daydreams and fan edits? We honestly loved It’s 2016 Somewhere even though we only got a couple of new songs because, in the end, the order and picks of tracks make sense for this chapter in Ricky’s life. But we can’t help but be selfish and want another full album packed with new tracks. But for right now, we will keep streaming the EP and waiting patiently for more music.

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Don’t forget to check out the singer on tour, but you better get those tickets fast – most stops are already sold out! So, what did you think about Ricky Montgomery’s It’s 2016 Somewhere? What’s your fave track from the EP? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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