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Florence + The Machine’s New Blissful Sound Set Us ‘Free’

Florence + The Machine’s New Blissful Sound Set Us ‘Free’

Welcome home, fellow anxious mind! We’re thrilled you found us following your loyal stan heart. It’s always a happy occasion to reunite and celebrate our darling Florence + The Machine. And this time, as we are frantically counting down the days till the release of Dance Fever on May 13th, we’ve been gifted the launch of ‘Free.’ Along with an evocative MV, this tune feels like a sublime ode to finding solace in music… Just like we find refuge in Florence’s voice and the unique sound they effortlessly create. So, we’ve decided to explore together the many sparks of magic we’re getting from our new Florence + The Machine obsession!

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A New MV, Another Work Of Art

Following tradition, Florence + The Machine‘s ‘Free’ give us yet another captivating music video that reveals a depth and tone we’ve learned to love. The concept is relatable (yes, dear anxiety, it’s all about you!), the portrayal is impeccable (has Florence ever not slain?), the visuals are on point, and we are left wanting more. ‘Free’ is the song we all needed and didn’t really know! Now, it’s here and we can’t ‘Shake it Out.’ So, it became apparent to all of us who absolutely adore Florence + The Machine that no matter the wait, they’ll knock it out of the park… every… single… time!

Lyrics That Voice Our Intimate Struggles

Have you memorized these lyrics yet? We bet you did! And why wouldn’t you? They are brilliant! A true masterpiece. And right from the very beginning, we nod to Florence’s singing as she recites: “Sometimes I wonder if I should be medicated / If I would feel better just lightly sedated.” And while we test the words in our heavy post-pandemic (praying it’s over) hearts, comes a punch line that may feel all too familiar: “I’m on fire, but I’m trying not to show it.” Suddenly, we are welling up with emotion as the beats make us want to loosen up! And that’s Florence + The Machine‘s ‘Free’ superpower, giving us heartfelt lyrics wrapped in joyful tunes!

A Sincere Dedicatory To Make This MV Even More Meaningful

‘Free’ is a one-of-a-kind experience! We can vibe to its beats, cherish its genuine lyrics, and the music video is a visual gem! So, when we learned it was filmed in Kyiv, we felt a whole new level of respect for this piece. And Florence + The Machine go out of their way to pay tribute to all the Ukrainians involved in the making of this MV. And the journey is complete. We are ‘Free’ when we celebrate music, no matter where or who we are.

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Do you feel ‘Free’ as you play this song? We want to know what you think about this new release from Florence + The Machine! Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. Also, you can check us out on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest pop culture news!


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