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Music With A Message: Simple Plan & Other Artists Who Are Using Their Voice For Good Causes

Music With A Message: Simple Plan & Other Artists Who Are Using Their Voice For Good Causes

It’s always heart-warming to see artists using their platforms in a positive way. Sure, it’s fun to watch them talk about upcoming music, projects, performances, etc., but it makes it even better when these actions are all done for a good cause. So, we wanted to take a second to highlight some artists – Simple Plan, Bailey James, and J-Lo, who are supporting a good cause and have a message to share with their music!

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Simple Plan

The pop punk icons Simple Plan teamed up with Ukrainian filmmaker Jensen Noan to create the music video for ‘Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare’s Over)’ and provide aid to those affected by the recent events in Ukraine. The video features a Ukrainian cast & crew, and all the money generated by it will be donated to UNICEF to aid their efforts. The band has also committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from their upcoming tour through The Simple Plan Foundation to relief efforts and will be teaming up with Ukrainian organizations – Canada-Ukraine Foundation, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), and Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), to provide help as well. 

Simple Plan had this to say about the video and the cause:

“When we saw the first images from the war in Ukraine, we felt so heartbroken and powerless. The impact on young children and families felt especially devastating and made us want to do something to help.” says Simple Plan

“The idea to do this video was sparked by discussions with our good friend and director Jensen Noen. We could feel just how important and personal the events in Ukraine were for him and from there, the concept for the video emerged.”

Simple Plan via Press Release

You can stream ‘Wake Me Up (When The Nightmare’s Over)’ here. Find out more about Simple Plan’s efforts and tour here.


Jennifer Lopez

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If you’re a fan of the Dodgers and a fan of J-Lo, you’ll probably love what we’re about to tell you. The superstar will be performing, not just performing but headlining, the Blue Diamond Gala on June 16th, 2022. So what is the Blue Diamond Gala, you ask? It’s an event put on by The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation every year, whose goal is to give back to the Los Angeles community that makes up the Dodgers family. The LADF has poured money back into the community in the form of grants to nonprofits, access to health and educational resources, building fields for kids to have access to playing spaces, and so much more. We’d be here forever just listing it all, and we think that’s a mark of a fantastic organization. From Habitat for Humanity Los Angeles to the Jackie Robinson Foundation, you can find out more about who the LADF helps and the Blue Diamond Gala here


Bailey James

Trigger/Content Warning: Suicide

The final artist we wanted to highlight in this article is Bailey James. Bailey is an on the rise artist. You’ll probably like her music if you’re a fan of Johnny Cash or Amy Winehouse, who are just two of her musical influences. Bailey’s track ‘The Crow,’ and its accompanying music video are haunting and translate a feeling of aloneness and sadness. It’s meant to be a tribute to her late brother Zane, who she lost to suicide. The imagery is haunting and desolate, reflecting the feeling of the song.

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Bailey James started her own mental health movement in 2022. The Finally Free Movement is dedicated to suicide prevention and mental health awareness, a topic that is obviously important to her. You can read her statement about the movement and find more information here. Mental health awareness is such an important cause, and we love that Bailey is so passionate about it. Many of us can relate to having mental health struggles, and it’s nice to see artists using their platforms to talk about it.


And there you have it! Here are three of many artists who use their platform to support worthwhile causes. Simple Plan, Jennifer Lopez, and Bailey James are warming our hearts. There’s something about seeing artists care about these causes that can make their fans feel seen, and we love that. Is there an artist supporting a cause you want to talk about? Let us know in the comments, or hit us up over on Twitter!

To learn more about ways artists and their fans are using their platforms, head over this way.

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