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The Wonder Years Track ‘Older Daughter’ Proves High Energy Pop Punk

The Wonder Years Track ‘Older Daughter’ Proves High Energy Pop Punk

The Wonder Years Promo

Over the past five days, The Wonder Years have been teasing their latest single. And if you’re anything like us, well, then the wait has been pure agony. While we were given three killer singles over the past two years, we’re greedy, and when it comes to TWY, even all of it is never enough.

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Always finding ways to keep us wanting more, the band wiped their Instagram clean of their past, leaving us with only a series of shots from around their hometown of Philadelphia. From an answering machine to graffiti at Hello Donuts, screenprints, the infamous marquee at the Theater of Living Arts, to inked across the skin. All unique to their location, but all giving us the same line:

“Madelyn, I love you, but we both know how this ends.”

Always metaphorically grabbing fans by their throat, most of us were hooked solely from that. Premiering first worldwide on Philly’s Alt 104.5 Station, the single ‘Oldest Daughter’ met its match with many fans last night, the mid-sixers playoff game. The song, of course, included the dedicated line and isn’t the first time we’ve held our hearts in an ode to Madelyn. Reminiscent of the band’s album The Greatest Generation, the track makes for a perfect call back to the song in mention. After a decade, the track picks right back up where its’ pre-successor left off. The energy is higher, but the outcome is the same.

Vocalist Dan Campbell says, “It’s about coming to the understanding that you can’t save everyone,” […] “There are going to be people you love who will destroy themselves no matter how badly you want them to stop.”

The Wonder Years – ‘Oldest Daughter’

A place we can all say we’ve been, this one hits home hard like most of their others. The single leaves fans satisfied as it meshes each of their eclectic sounds into three minutes and nineteen seconds. A combination of all the reasons we picked up their records in the first place and why we haven’t set them down since, it’s fast-paced, lyrically brilliant, and an all-around smash. The song produced by Steve Evetts isn’t the only thing we have to cherish from the band in 2022, as they’re also gifting us with a new full length later this year. And while we don’t have a date quite yet, the hope of it all leaves us feeling optimistic and eager (is it the song? the Sixers? Both???). So stay tuned for all things TWY here at THP.

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