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TXT Drops Concept Teaser For Upcoming Mini-Album

TXT Drops Concept Teaser For Upcoming Mini-Album

TXT Concept Teaser Upcoming Mini-Album

MOAs! Have you heard? Or, rather, have you seen…the new concept teaser for TXT’s (aka Tomorrow X Together) upcoming mini-album? The mini-album, titled Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, is set to release on May 9th! Mark your calendars, because it’s less than a month away and these next few weeks will be jam-packed with content! If you need to be caught up, don’t worry, we have what you need to know about this comeback right here.

Oh, wait…if you haven’t seen the concept teaser yet, we’ll do you a favor so you don’t have to go find it on Twitter or Instagram.

Thursday’s Child Incoming…

Let’s dissect this real quick. In this brief clip, we see a burning rose against a plain background for a few seconds before the colors invert, and “D-20” flashes across the screen. The last thing we see is the title, Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, along with their new logo, and then it ends. The new logo looks super cool, like all of their past logos, of course. But what does the burning rose mean? Will this album be a dark concept? Why does Thursday suddenly have a child? Maybe this falls in line with their lore…There are so many questions that TXT needs to answer!

Whatever this concept is, we’re sure it’s going to be revolutionary. TXT’s concepts never fail to impress, just like their music. Did you know that The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE placed 5th on the Billboard Hot 200 last year? Billboard seems to really vibe with TXT’s discography because they made several year-end lists and charts last year. We have faith that TXT will capture Billboard’s attention again in 2022 😌.

TXT needs to give us another concept teaser for the upcoming mini-album, stat. Oh, hold on…we’re getting word that we might get some more insight into what TXT has planned for Thursday’s Child soon; their next teaser drops on April 23rd…and this time it’s a photo teaser 👀.

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Now you kind of have to tell us what you think about this teaser or their concept. If you follow the lore, come shed some light on your theories! We’d love to hear it all! You have some options: tell us in the comments, hit up our Twitter, @thehoneypop, Instagram, or Facebook. When the photo teasers drop, tell us more too! We can’t wait!

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