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7 Jeno Fancams That Will Make You Appreciate His Talent

7 Jeno Fancams That Will Make You Appreciate His Talent


We all are aware that NCT Dream’s precious Jeno has many sides. He is adorably cute, funny (yes, we said it), a softie, very handsome… The list goes on, but we think the most important thing is that he is incredibly talented, and he has been proving this to us ever since he has walked into our lives and brought all the beautiful things with him.

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If you doubt, let us change your mind. Suppose you are here to see more about Jeno’s talent to get into him, or you are already under his magic and just want to appreciate him a little more. In that case, you are lucky that The Honey POP got your back, as always. So let us stop talking just for a while as we watch some of Jeno’s fancams and scream to our screens, as we should.

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‘Glitch Mode’  – MCountdown

We had to start with ‘Glitch Mode’ because Jeno has fed us through the promotion of NCT Dream’s new album. ‘Glitch Mode’ has a fantastic choreography, and as you can see here, Jeno ate it each time. There are also many beautiful details in this video that prove his stage presence, such as him buttoning his jacket to make a fabulous entrance by unbuttoning it when his part comes in the song. We see you, Jeno! 

‘Arcade’ By NCT DREAM – MCountdown

‘Arcade’ is another song that our talented Dreamies have promoted for their album, Glitch Mode. This performance is the living proof of how Jeno’s dance movements are so stable, and he knows exactly what he is doing. Also, can you please take a moment to look at his facial expressions during the performance? He is slaying it, and he knows it!

‘Hot Sauce’ By NCT DREAM – SBS Gayo Daejeon

We can bring ‘Hot Sauce’ in every conversation we make about legendary performances, and you know what? We will. Especially when Jeno glows every time with his charisma whenever he performs it with his members.

‘Hello Future’ By NCT DREAM – MCountdown

Argh, our happiness boost, ‘Hello Future.’ We still can’t believe Jeno has performed with glasses without being uncomfortable despite the quick movements in the choreography. But when you think about him being capable of doing anything, that’s not so surprising, right? In the end, our precious Jeno is charisma embodied.

‘Ridin” By NCT DREAM – MusicBank

Okay, everybody, stay calm. We all remember how much Jeno made us suffer during the ‘Ridin’’ era, and we also remember how we didn’t mind at all. We will never get tired of watching him perform, and this performance right here will be one of our first choices every time we crave a good performance.

‘Universe’ By NCT U – SBS Gayo Daejeon

cricket noises Oh, sorry, we were captivated by Jeno’s performance, again. This is the video that will make you think, “How can this man be real?” and we are so close to believing that he is not real. We don’t believe a person can be this good at everything. You can see that he is not only flexing his talent with the ‘Universe’ performance but also literally living the performance, just like a great performer he is.

’90’s Love’ By NCT U – SBS Inkigayo

‘90’s Love’ Jeno was a cultural reset, and we won’t argue with you on this because we know you know we are right. No matter how many times you watch him performing this song, you will never get bored, thanks to his facial expressions and smooth movements. So, a quick tip from us: bookmark this video. You will want to watch it again.

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Image Source: Tumblr

Jeno’s stage presence is definitely higher than our grades, and we hope these fancams prove that to you. What are your thoughts? Which performance of NCT makes you stare at Jeno all the time? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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